Call for Submissions | Unforeseen Circumstances 2020-21

Common Core Office is seeking submissions from all UG students from now until June 30 2021. Please see for submission method and guidelines. Unforeseen Circumstances 2020-21: An Online Journal and Exhibit Space In order to reflect more deeply on the unforeseen circumstances of 2020-21 that have impacted our learning together—and to create a marker for what we have experienced—the Common Core is seeking brief videos, photographs, creative maps, data-visualizations, drawings, music and sound art, essays, short fiction, poems, designs for experiments, architectural and computational models and other creative artefacts.

Updates on Course Offerings for 2020-21 (Last update on Jan 26, 2021)

Jan 26, 2021 CCST9045 ‘The Science and Lore of Culinary Culture’The delivery mode of the lectures of CCST9045 ‘The Science and Lore of Culinary Culture’ (Semester 2) will be switched to ONLINE. Jan 22, 2021 CCHU9065 ‘A Life Worth Living’The delivery mode of the lectures of CCHU9065 ‘A Life Worth Living’ (Semester 2) will be switched to ONLINE. Aug 28, 2020 CCHU9079 ‘FantASIA: Weaving Queer Intersections in Asia’CCHU9079 ‘FantASIA: Weaving Queer Intersections in Asia’, originally scheduled to be offered in Semester 2, will be cancelled. CCCH9005 ‘The Chinese Cultural Revolution’The delivery mode of the lectures of CCCH9005 ‘The Chinese Cultural

Online Teaching and Learning for Final Weeks of Semester 1, (2019-20)

Dear students Thank you for working with us to transition to online teaching and learning for these final weeks of Semester 1, 2019-20. I am writing to you now about assessment. Our core principle for all course assessment is fairness to each and every member of the class, whether in Hong Kong or outside. To deliver on this principle in the current circumstances, we believe we need to offer you an array of choices for each course you are taking. Just occasionally this is not possible because of professional requirements. For the vast majority of our courses, however, it is

Message from the Common Core Director (Nov 15, 2019)

Dear Common Core Students, As you are all aware, on-campus classes have been cancelled for the rest of the semester and various forms of online connections will be used instead. Here is the message from the Senior Management Team: In view of the uncertain and unsafe traffic conditions for travelling to HKU, we are suspending classes on the Main Campus for the rest of the semester and making teaching and learning accessible online. This will enable students to stay away from campus, and even leave Hong Kong should they wish, while at the same time completing their courses and assessments.

HKU’s Common Core Team wins the UGC Teaching Award 2019

Congratulations! HKU’s Common Core Teaching Team wins the University Grants Committee Teaching Award 2019! Here, receiving the award at the UGC office are (left to right) Mr Matthew Pryor, Professor Gina Marchetti, Director of Common Core Professor Gray Kochhar-Lindgren, Dr Xiao Hu, and Dr Julian Tanner. Learn more about #HKU Common Core courses and the team’s outstanding achievements at

CCGL9049 has been changed to Semester 2

The teaching semester of CCGL9049 ‘Carbon, Money, and Lifestyle’ has been changed to Semester 2. The lecture time in Semester 2 is 12:30 pm – 2:20 pm (Wednesday) and the lecture venue is CYCP1.

Common Core Clusters and Transdisciplinary Minors

(Optional and available to students of the 2017-18 intake and thereafter) If you are a student of the 2017-18 intake and thereafter, you may pursue an organized course of interdisciplinary study tailor-made to your interests. The Common Core (CC) has launched two thematic clusters, ‘Sustaining Cities, Cultures, and the Earth’ (SCCE) and ‘The Universe and the Question of Meaning’ (UQM). They will offer you a self-chosen pathway for you to personalize your Common Core experience that will be acknowledged on the Academic Attainment Profile. What are Common Core Clusters and Transdisciplinary Minors (CCTM)? A cluster consists of four Common Core

Two Common Core Courses on Offer in the Summer Semester!

The Common Core (CC) Curriculum Committee is pleased to announce that two CC courses will be launched this summer, namely ‘Media in the Age of Globalization’ (CCGL9011) and ‘Entrepreneurship: Global and Social Development’ (CCGL9031). A summary of the course details of the two courses are at below. In view of the shorter duration of the summer semester, the delivery mode of these two courses will be more condensed – lectures will be held two to three times a week and you will also need to attend tutorials as with CC courses offered in the regular semesters. Who should take CC