Our Global Outreach Programmes


Common Core Global Outreach

GLADE: Global Liberal Arts Design Experiments

GLADE is an affiliation of modest projects between programmes in Research-Intensive-Universities that cross disciplines, faculties, questions, methodologies, sectors, and sites. Often, but not always, these programmes carry “General Education” as a title, but they are always trans- or inter-disciplinary, use active teaching methods, and aim toward holistic experience as they enrich the learning ecology within comprehensive research institutions, catalyzing new “modes of existence” that open toward more livable futures.

International Exchanges

Common Core facilitates international trans- and interdisciplinary knowledge exchanges with learning institutions around the world to promote our students’ capacities for intercultural understanding and global citizenship, and a critical self-reflection, greater understanding of others. Currently, our exchanges partners include:

  • The University of Queensland, Australia: Cross-cultural well-being – Student experiences through story, art, and film
  • Utrecht University, Netherlands: The More Than Human City – A Global Research-in-Action Lab
  • Dayalbagh Educational Institute, India: Creativity and Innovation Across Cultures: A Collaborative Experiential Project

CLASS: China Liberal Arts Summer Sessions

Summer courses conducted in at HKU and with partner universities in Mainland China in an intensive mode of 2 weeks on the Mainland and 1 week at HKU. These courses will offer learning opportunities for students from HKU and our partner universities to earn Common Core credit and to build familiarity with the Mainland cities, culture, and universities. In addition to the course itself, there will also be excursions to cultural sites, firms, and others, depending on the type of course offered. Students will stay in the dormitories of the Partner Universities while on the Mainland.


CCGEs offer a flexible and facilitated learning structure focusing on interdisciplinary research, project-based learning and public sharing of the students’ experience and results. These 6-credit courses are designed for students working away from the HKU campus, anywhere in the world, but that fulfill the Common Core Programme Learning Outcomes, Course Learning Outcomes, and the requirements for Quality Assessment.


If there are experiments or resources that you’d like to talk about sharing or developing, please let us know at commoncore@hku.