Shum Mun YeeBA, 2016

    My university life has been nothing short of constant changes and growth. I started with a Bachelor’s in Economics and Finance, but switched to the Arts in my sophomore year, earning a degree with double majors in Global Creative Industries from the Art Faculty and Media and Cultural Studies from the Social Science Faculty. I came to realize that I would like to specialize in an area that concerns both the arts and economics. I am particularly drawn to studio art which I hope to one day learn professionally. Finding a career that centers on those two is a goal that I have been working on. Coming to Hong Kong to study was tough at first as I did not know Cantonese and I was not used to the fast-paced lifestyle. However, I participated in activities that use only Cantonese which resulted in me picking up the language to an intermediate level and that has allowed me to adjust better. I am a pretty outdoorsy person and love to go rock climbing around Hong Kong as it not only gives me a sense of exhilaration but it also allows me to get away from the bustle of the city every now and then. Throughout my university life I found that the interests governing a student’s career choice varies frequently as the student goes through his or her academic journey and is exposed to new experiences. Being able to cater to that situation academically would be part of the holistic learning experience that HKU is trying to build for its students, and, as a Common Core Alumni Ambassador, I am proud to be able to aid the university in this essential goal.