Transdisciplinary Student Research

In implementing the University’s strategic focus on interdisciplinarity and fostering students’ research skills, Common Core has supported various student research projects through the Transdisciplinary Undergraduate Research Initiative and exchanges. This page lists our various transdisciplinary research projects and the student researchers involved.

2021-2022 Academic Year

2021-22 Round 1 Research ProjectsStudentsFaculty Mentors
Effect of covid-19 on global marketingKhyati GuptaDr Michael Jia
Faculty of Business and Economics
Playful patriotism on bilibili: How state persuasion machine adapts to and interacts with teenagers’ culture in ChinaRui Jie Rachel Liu (Lead)
Ya Qi Jin
Dr King-wa Fu
Journalism and Media Studies Centre
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Analysis of the Economic and Social Origin of China’s Street-stall Economy and Development in Post-COVID-19 EraHeqi CaiDr Maurice Tse
Faculty of Business and Economics
Hong Kong Universities: Re-imagining Spaces for DialogueEricka Anne RegaladoDr Jaspal Singh
School of English
Faculty of Arts
Views by Ch’ing China on India: From Buddhist Barbarian to British BarbarianCheuk Him LeeProf So Cho Wai
School of Chinese
Faculty of Arts
Exploring the mechanisms of Chinese zero pronoun interpretation and production in human and computer processing: Focusing on the role of topichoodSuet Ying Eliza LamDr Heeju Hwang
Department of Linguistics
Faculty of Arts
Hard-determinism on the meaning of Historical studies and educationShing Hei Alfred KamProf Gray Kochhar-Lindgren
Common Core


2021-22 Round 1 Research ProjectsStudentsFaculty Mentors
Folk Arts: An exploratory study into self-expression and traditional arts revitalizationEeshaane Shandilya (Lead)
Aastha Gaur Vaishali
Ranbir Rathi
Van Kie Liew
Dr Kathleen Wyma
Department of Art History
Faculty of Arts
Understanding the Underrepresentation of Women in STEM in Hong KongAnshika Rajiv (Lead)
Sze Nga Chan
Dr Caroline Dingle
School of Biological Sciences
Faculty of Science
Consumer Behavior Modeling of Adoption of Alternative Food Delivery PackagingZheng Trista ZhangProf Gray Kochhar-Lindgren
Common Core
Exploring the Spiritual Well-being of Medical Students’ Lives: A Mixed-method StudyLok Yi Mandy YuenDr. Julie Yun CHEN
Department of Family Medicine and Primary Care
Dr. Harry Yi-Jui WU
Medical Ethics and Humanities Unit
From Fast Fashion to Eco-Fashion: Science and StyleSarah KhanDr Karen Laidler
Department of Sociology
Faculty of Social Sciences
Enjoy1001: Sex education website and sex-related survey researchYue Moanna Tang (Lead)
Jiayi Zheng
Ding Wang
Prof Petula S.Y.Ho
Department of Social Work and Social Administration
Faculty of Social Sciences
Ample somatic gene sequence sample generation for variant-calling deep neural network trainingJieran SunDr Ruibang Luo
Department of Computer Science
Faculty of Engineering
Philosophical Fragments of Environmental EducationSing Yuen Hecate FongProf Gray Kochhar-Lindgren
Common Core
Young adults’ perspectives, acceptance, hesitancy and suggestion regarding the COVID-19 vaccine uptake in Hong KongSiu Wah Alan YauDr Pauline Po Ling Luk
Bau Institute of Medical and Health Sciences Education
LKS Faculty of Medicine
Girlguiding around the World -achieve gender equality togetherKa Ying Tiara LauDr Tracy Zhou
Centre for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning


Coordinated by Dr Jack Tsao and Mr Ian Paolo Villareal, Common Core, The University of Hong Kong

(In collaboration with Absolutely Fabulous Theatre Connection)

Project TitleStudent
Where does the sound lead you?Nim Tung Kwong (Grey)
A Serenade AloneBenedictus Alvian Sofjan
InconsistentSanjana Bharti
We die once. But we live every day.Chuqi Li (Cahtherine)
The Help CentreSanjaya Bharti
An incomplete taleChutong He
Life is like learning to dance, we need to experience some struggles to get what we need to getHoi Ting Law (Alexandra)
Plumeria GirlWu Fan (Lucy)
Tomorrow Never CameKa Yi Lau (Athena)
A Normal MorningYimiao Liu
Translator HeadphonesYu Sum Leung

Coordinated by Dr Jack Tsao, Common Core, The University of Hong Kong

(in collaboration with Press Start Academy)

Project TitleStudent
Wrap: A board game about film productionTrudy Mak
The Prism of MathXin Xu (Arturo)
EclipseWing Ki Wu (Ivy)
MaestroWong On Yan
In Lost World: A Table-Top Role Playing GameWan Sai Kit
How to Live A LifeTsui Ho Lam (Tiffany)
Plague Fighter: Dr Wu Lien-TheTang Wai Yin (Antonia)
Barter LandLee Hoi In (Lesley)
Outer SpaceLam Cheuk Yin (Bryan)
Wave OutLai Cheuk Sing (Jackson)
PanopticonPatrick Thomas Koh
Manage My WalletJu Ran (Julia)
Life in the DarkLok Hang Hui (Hedy)
Eco-no-mistHui Nga Wun
DaylightYazhuo Han
Mandate of the FairylandEnoch Fong
Draw your MandalaCheung Hoi Ching (Karen)
The Rational ThinkerCheung Ho Ching (Candy)
Delpha EscapsoChan Chun Wang

Supervised by: Dr Jack Tsao, Common Core, The University of Hong Kong

(In collaboration with Arup and Green Earth Hong Kong)

Research Teams and SitesStudents
Team 1: Investigation of Causeway Bay Hysan Place (Kai Chiu Road) and Lee Garden area (Yun Ping Road)Leung Jackie Cheuk Ying
Joyce Hoi Ying Leung
Sabrina Lerskiatiphanich
Team 2: Investigation of Kowloon Park (Haiphong Road) and Kowloon Park (Austin Road)Chun Yan Oscar Wong
Lee Ming Kan (Ken)
Lam Wing Tung, Karis
Team 3: Investigation of Taikoo Shing Estate and So Uk EstateLeung Hoi Ching
Ju Ran, Julia
Team 4: Investigation of West Kowloon Art Park and Kowloon ParkLi Yue Man, Vito
Chan Ying Tung, Mandy
Tsang Yik Chi, Tommy
Kui Man Kwan, Alice
Team 5: Investigation of Kwun Tong Promenade and K11 Musea PromenadeDavina Natalie
Rishima Mathur
Lau Wing Chung Cleo
Lam Quynh Vo
2021-22 Research ProjectsStudents
AILEMappXinyao Liu
Venus Yick
Christina Zhao

2020-2021 Academic Year

2020-21 Research ProjectsStudents
Catering CareYan Ping
Sammie Ng
Wai Yiu Ryan Hoi
Yi Lam Yvonne Hui
On Ni Lui
Ching Ho Wong
Hoi Shan Kwong
Art ApartAlya Prasad
Di Heng
Tsev Siddhant
Darpan Ningoo
Priscilla Fong
Benjamin Harris
Elicia Neo


2019-2020 Academic Year

2019-20 Research ProjectsStudents
The Eczema Eradication Project (TEEP)Harrison Li
Alan Yau
Vincent Chu
Joann Ng
Keshia Kung
Rosy You


Supervised by: Prof Gray Kochhar-Lindgren, Common Core, The University of Hong Kong and Dr Rick Dolphijn, Department of Comparative Literature, Universiteit Utrecht

2019-20 Research ProjectsStudents
TransPortalJeroen Spieker (UU)
Julian Pallinger (HKU)
Wesley She (HKU)
Sophie van der Leij (UU)
Zhang Zheng (HKU
PlastiCITYAisha Wahab (HKU)
Ka Ming Sze (HKU)
Muriel Motaleb (UU)
Myrthe Hemker (UU)
Wietske Wijnja (UU)
No Strings AttachedMarjolein Marzacu (UU)
Mel, Xing Ju (HKU)
Phoenix Chiu (HKU)
Simon Remijn (UU)
Utso Roy (HKU)
An Everchanging RiddleAnouk Jorna (UU)
Daniel van Wyngaarden (UU)
Katie, Chow Tsz Yan (HKU)
Richita Kudlamath (HKU)
Sofie van Dorst (UU)

2018-2019 Academic Year

2018-19 Research ProjectsStudents
Hidden in Plain SightAlex Cheng (HKU: Governments and Law)
Aicha Dijkshoorn (UU: Neuroscience & Cognition)
Michiel Hekkens (UU: Philosophy)
Margot Hoogerwerf (UU: Cultural History)
Trixie Tsang (HKU: Medicine)
Untitled: BoundariesHester Xiao (HKU: Psychology, Philosophy, and Statistics
Yuhe She (HKU: Psychology and Finance)
Lien Gillisjans (UU: Language & Cultural Studies, Conflict Studies)
Christoph Kruger (UU: Global Sustainability Science)
Jason Vassiliy (HKU: History and German)
(Non) Human IntentionsDaniil Scheifes (UU: Environmental Sciences and Philosophy)
Stella Aalderink (UU: International Relations and Conflict Studies)
Parmeet Kaur (HKU: Law)
Tran Ngoc Chau (HKU: Biochemistry)
Kuen Yiu Nelson Hui (HKU: Civil Engineering)
[Un[human]imal]Laura Derks (UU: Veterinary Medicine)
Lai Man-Kit Edmund (HKU: Fine Arts)
Illa Carrion Braakman (UU: Child Psychology and Linguistics)
Anouck Fietje (UU: Social Psychology)
Win-Lai-Lai (HKU: Psychology and Education)