Common Core Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Celebrate Your Curiosity

What is it?

The Common Core Undergraduate Research Opportunities provides the platform for all undergraduate students to undertake research individually or in a small group. Whether you would like to take part in an international contest on SDGs, explore the Critical Zones in your field, build collaborative international research networks with students, or start your own research project with a faculty mentor through the Transdisciplinary Undergraduate Research Project scheme, this is an opportunity to build your competencies around communication, collaboration, planning, and research.

Current Research Projects

Research at the Common Core

The Common Core takes “research” as any set of practices that formalizes, however modestly, a set of questions that move you more deeply into your own curiosity and into greater knowledge of how the world operates. This encompasses a wide range of fields from the arts through the humanities, social sciences, law, and the range of the different physical and natural sciences.

We also encourage research organised around any of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (

Benefits to Students:

  • Create or inflect new knowledge, explore your deepest questions, build the skills and networks useful for your future.
  • Work across disciplines, cultures, and social sectors.
  • Build a local, regional, and international network of friends to enhance your own career plans.
  • Develop your communication, collaborative, and research skills.
  • Finally, gain experience in a meaningful research project and build up your academic portfolio!
  • According to recent graduates, participation in research projects  can helps you stand-out in interviewers with employers.

Faculty Mentors

We invite HKU staff, community members, or international partners with appropriate training and a commitment to student research projects across disciplines and sectors to be faculty mentors for undergraduate research projects.

This will be light-touch mentoring to help students get organized, directed towards resources, stay on track, and finish on time.

Past Research Projects