Area of Inquiry

Arts and Humanities


The aim of this AoI is to enable students to more deeply experience, and understand, the power of critically creative engagements with the Arts and Humanities; to reflect upon how these engagements impact we might best to think about the question of “meaning” of one’s own life, and to lay out pathways for the movement toward wisdom as we address challenges of our times.


This AoI consists of five themes that cross traditional disciplinary boundaries, and, in each case, we will also ask about how the Arts and Humanities operate across social and individual contexts:

  • The Art-in-Action
  • Historical Awareness: The Activation of the Past and the Present
  • Language, Communication and Society
  • New Configurations of Mind-Body-Spirit
  • The Questions of Ethics

Fully Online Courses (6 credits)

Regular (Face-to-Face) Courses (6 credits)