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Guest Band Performance: The Faulty Royals

Vocal: Leanne Hong
Guitarist: Vincci Chan
Bassist: Irene Ho
Drummer: Venus Cheng 

An all-girl band formed by four friends with the same interest in music since high school. Mainly performing covers within the alternative or rock genre, The Faulty Royals is a four-piece that holds unison and self-acceptance close to heart. To be perfectly imperfect is what initially named them, and is the leading idea that fundamentally shaped the band.


Exploring the Transdisciplinary World of Critical Zones: Gender, Cities & Well-Being 


With Dr Tracy Zou, Lily Leung, Anshika Rajiv, Betty Woo, Chau Tran and Mimi Ming
A Panel Discussion

Common Core & the SDGs: AIESEC & U21RISE Finalists


With Prof Gray Kochhar-Lindgren, and the student groups: Artpeace and Catering Care




The Passion Project: Creating Work You Love


With Dr Jack Tsao

The Passion Project is a workshop series designed to help you explore and uncover what your passion is in life and then develop capacities to further that passion. We hope to encourage and inspire you to pursue your dreams with real-life stories!

After Graduation: Looking Back, Looking Ahead


With Prof Gray Kochhar-Lindgren and Alumni Common Core Consultants: Adrian Lam, Jeevan Rishi-Raj, Saad Faizi

Communicate! Communication-Intensive-Courses in the Common Core


With Dr Michelle Raquel, Dr Christophe Coupe, Mr Nikolas Ettel, Dr Rachel Lui, and the students of: CCGL9061, CCHU9082, CCST9068

Join to learn more about what will you gain from teaching or learning through a CiC course!

HKU Horizons Experience Award: Screening of the 3 Winning Videos

With Prof Ian Holliday

Through the HKU Horizons Experience Award, students are encouraged to share their out-of-Hong Kong learning experience in the form of video presentation with the HKU community.

Movie-Making in the Common Core: CCHU9030 Image, Space and Society


With Sony Devabhaktuni
More about the course

Movie-Making in the Common Core: CCHU9070 Making Movies: Creative Expression on Screen

With Dr Esther Yau
More about the course

Student Directors: AU Hiu Long, CHO Yongha, LEE Hok Kiu and WANG Yunqi Shirley






Student Work Exhibition

This online Student Work Exhibition showcases students’ innovative work in tackling issues which required them to integrate knowledge, methods, and media across disciplines. These exemplary projects come from a wide range of Common Core courses and include posters, videos, writings, virtual models, and more.