The Passion Project

Creating work you love.

The Passion Project is a workshop series designed to help you explore and uncover what your passion is in life and then develop capacities to further that passion. The talks are given by thought-leaders, entrepreneurs, industry professionals, innovators, and dreamers, covering a range of topics from life-planning, sharing of success stories, relationships, and self-development. We hope these real-life stories will encourage and inspire you to pursue your dreams.

The Passion Project works with students to identify, articulate, and develop the field of your own passion. Exploring both making a living and making a life, we will ask how you might develop the skill-sets necessary to move your passion into relationship with work, learning, money, service, and satisfaction. Using Adam Davidson’s “8 Rules of the Passion Economy” as a conceptual through-line, a series of workshops will articulate the connections between individual desire, social contexts, and next steps you can take to more fully inhabit your passion.

We would love to hear your ideas on how we can make the workshops more tailored for you.


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