Win-Lai-Lai (Rosie)BEd&BSocSc, 2019

    I am an enthusiastic and passionate youth leader who wants to change the world to make a better place through education and I have been studying Liberal Studies Education and Psychology in 5-year curriculum in the University of Hong Kong since 2014. Earlier, I had decided to major in English studies in Yangon University of Foreign Languages, Myanmar and was chosen to participate in many leadership and cultural exchange programs as a country representative in ASEAN Region in the United States in 2013 and 2014. I was also been actively volunteering in American Center Students’ Council, Public Speaking Club, Myanmar Youth Forum, and ASEAN Youth Forum organizing committee as an educational officer and as a facilitator during forums. In 2014, my project proposal of implementing Environmental Education in one of the Monastic Education High Schools was funded by the University of Montana, which then expanded to different schools in Myanmar.

    While working as a teaching assistant in Myanmar Egress, English Department for internship, I applied and was accepted to HKU. Now, not only do I enjoy my studies in Hong Kong but I am also keen on doing extra-curricular activities such as participating in the HKU Students’ Ambassador Program, the Common Core Student Ambassador Program, and being a Faculty and Starr Hall advisor and a member at AIESEC. My ambition is to establish my own education center that can teach students not only English but also leadership and public speaking courses in Myanmar. After I graduate from HKU, I would like to contribute my skills and knowledge back to my home community.