Transdisciplinary Experiential Learning Fund

Supported by the HKU Gallant Ho Experiential Learning Fund

The Transdisciplinary Experiential Learning Fund enables innovative and immersive experiential learning projects/activities aligned with the Common Core. Students and/or teachers can apply for funding which enables students either individually or in teams to engage with transdisciplinary experiential learning involving real-life challenges beyond the campus. Activities should foster collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking, and should have local and/or global impact. Activities can take place in Hong Kong, in the Mainland, or internationally.

We invite both HKU students, student team, and Common Core teachers & tutors to apply.

Guidelines and Conditions

  • Eligibility: Undergraduate Students, Common Core Teachers and Tutors

  • Proposals will be reviewed on the basis of feasibility and potential for impact and must be both transdisciplinary and experiential.

  • Duration: Should not exceed 3 months.

  • Funding limits: should not normally exceed $5,000 per student/staff for international/ mainland activities, and should not normally exceed $2,000 per student/staff for Hong Kong activities. Mainland-based activities are highly encouraged and supported.

  • Only essential operational expenses will be considered. In general, consumables are not supported.

  • Funding will be provided in the form of reimbursement upon the Common Core Office within 2 months after project’s conclusion and receipt of a clear project financial breakdown with receipts (original copies) of individual expenses items attached, a 2-minute video and at least 5 photos documenting the experiential experience, a list of student/ staff participants, and a completed end-of-programme questionnaire.

  • The 2-minute video should be an overview of the experience, and may encapsulate the activities undertaken, reflective insights, key learning outcomes, and transformative moments that marked the journey.

Application Forms

Application will be accepted on a rolling basis.

Complete the application form below and send it to

Application for Non-Graduating Academic Credits

Students may be able to apply for one (1) or two (2) non-graduating academic credits for participating in activities organised under this funding scheme. The credits will appear on your Academic Attainment Profile (AAP) once your formal application is approved.

More information can be found at the HKU Horizons webpage.

Conditions of Participation

Students selected or approved for Common Core experiential projects must be committed active completion and always act respectfully to the peers, staff and community partners involved. Students should also be respectful to the different cultural contexts and conduct themselves in the highest esteem as representatives of the University. Common Core reserves the right, in its sole and absolute discretion, to terminate or disqualify any student’s enrollment/ participation to the any of the research programmes. This may occur due to various reasons, including but not limited to, changes in project requirements, availability of resources, academic performance, student conduct and behaviour, or unforeseen circumstances. By participating in Common Core projects, students acknowledge and accept this condition.