Awards and Recognitions

The Common Core is driven to provide the highest quality cross disciplinary learning for our undergraduates, and, as an essential aspect of this task, we aspire to provide a culture of effective experimentation that enhances the learning of our colleagues, our community and our partners around the world. Working along multiple fronts to create such a culture, our team has begun to more deeply explore transdisciplinarity as a framework for configuring teaching and learning as transformative acts.

International Awards

2023 Quacquarelli Symonds QS Reimagine Education Silver Award

Transdisciplinarity for Future Readiness

HKU Common Core’s entry, led by Dr Jack Tsao and Prof Julian Tanner, showcased how our curriculum and co-curriculum, based on holistic transdisciplinary education, fosters adaptability and preparedness for evolving futures. The international Silver Prize was awarded in the category of Developing Emerging Skills and Competencies, highlighting the growing importance of interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary education in increasingly volatile, uncertain, and contingent futures. The award reaffirms the incredible achievements of all Common Core teachers, partners (including students), and the leadership of our Vice-President and Pro-Vice Chancellor for Teaching and Learning Prof Ian Holliday and and his predecessor, Professor Amy Tsui, former Directors Prof Gray Kochhar-Lindgren and Mr Gwyn Edwards, past committee members, and many others, that have supported and driven the curriculum and co-curriculum forward.

Common Core Teaching Awards

2022 Teaching Excellence Award - Outstanding Teaching Award

Communication-intensive Courses

Since 2019, the communication-intensive courses (CiCs) team, led by Dr Michelle Reyes Raquel, with Mr Simon David Boynton, Dr Jack Tsao and Mr Donn Emmanuel Ventura Gonda as team members, has established a communication across the curriculum programme at HKU, with the aim of enhancing students’ communication skills.

2019 University Grant Committee (UGC) Teaching Award

The Common Core@HKU: Transdisciplinarity-in-Action

The Common Core@HKU: Transdisciplinarity-in-Action team is led by Prof Gray Kochhar-Lindgren, with Dr Xiao Hu, Prof Gina Marchetti, Mr Matthew Pryor and Dr Julian Tanner as team members. The initiative moves across pedagogical questions, styles, content, and methodologies, and through this movement, stimulates student learning, creativity, and responsibility. The team has used to award grant to build transdisciplinary student teams, primarily across the eight UGC-funded universities, but extending to the Asia-Pacific region and focused on three of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals – Good Health & Well-Being, Gender Equality, and Sustainable Cities and Communities.

2018 Teaching Excellence Award - Outstanding Teaching Award

Transdisciplinarity in Action: Creating Multiscalar Teaching and Learning Platforms in the Common Core

The Transdisciplinarity in Action: Creating Multiscalar Teaching and Learning Platforms in the Common Core was led by Professor Gray M. Kochhar-Lindgren, with Professor Gina Marchetti, Mr. Mathew R. Pryor and Dr. Julian A. Tanner as team members.