Common Core Lecture Timetable

SemesterArea of InquiryCourse CodeCourse TitleCourse Co-ordinatorDayTimeVenue Quota for Regular StudentsQuota for Exchange Students
1Science, Technology and Big DataCCST5002Qualitative Literacy in Science, Technology and Society (Online)Professor Ida A.C. MokWed12:30 – 14:20Online1200
1Science, Technology and Big DataCCST5037Mathematics: A Cultural Heritage (Online) Professor Benjamin R. KaneWed12:30 – 14:20Online1200
1Science, Technology and Big DataCCST5078 Health Literacy: Things to Know Before Consulting Dr. Google (Online)Professor Eric Y.F. WanWed14:30 – 16:20Online1200
1Science, Technology and Big DataCCST9003Everyday Computing and the InternetProfessor Lawrence K. YeungWed16:30 – 18:20KKLG1091206
1Science, Technology and Big DataCCST9006Chasing Biomedical Miracles: Promises and PerilsDr. K.M. YaoWed16:30 – 19:20CPD-LG.081206
1Science, Technology and Big DataCCST9009Living with Stem CellsProfessor Danny ChanWed14:30 – 16:20CPD-LG.091206
1Science, Technology and Big DataCCST9013Our Living EnvironmentProfessor S.C. ChangWed12:30 – 14:20KK2011200
1Science, Technology and Big DataCCST9016Energy: Its Evolution and Environmental ImpactsDr. Match W.L. KoWed12:30 – 14:20LE41206
1Science, Technology and Big DataCCST9017Hidden Order in Daily Life: A Mathematical Perspective (Section A)Professor Patrick T.W. NgWed12:30 – 14:20MWT21206
1Science, Technology and Big DataCCST9017Hidden Order in Daily Life: A Mathematical Perspective (Section B)Professor Patrick T.W. NgWed16:30 – 18:20MWT21206
1Science, Technology and Big DataCCST9019Understanding Climate ChangeProfessor Zhonghui LiuWed12:30 – 14:20KK2021200
1Science, Technology and Big DataCCST9020Sustainable Development of the Built EnvironmentProfessor K. ShihWed14:30 – 16:20CYPP31206
1Science, Technology and Big DataCCST9022How the Mass Media Depicts Science, Technology and the Natural WorldProfessor H.F. ChauWed12:30 – 14:20KK1021200
1Science, Technology and Big DataCCST9023The Oceans: Science and SocietyDr. Haz M.C. CheungWed12:30 – 14:20KKLG1091206
1Science, Technology and Big DataCCST9025*Genetics and Human Nature (Section A)Professor P.C. ShamWed14:30 – 16:20MWT71206
1Science, Technology and Big DataCCST9026Scientific Revolutions: Their Continuing Impact on Our World and SocietyProfessor Quentin A. ParkerWed12:30 – 14:20CYPP21206
1Science, Technology and Big DataCCST9030Forensic Science: Unmasking Evidence, Mysteries and CrimesProfessor Zheng Xiao GuoWed16:30 – 18:20KK2021200
1Science, Technology and Big DataCCST9032“Intelligent” Architecture and SustainabilityProfessor Beisi JiaWed14:30 – 16:20CYPP21206
1Science, Technology and Big DataCCST9033Left Brain, Right Brain: Science and MythProfessor Janet H.W. HsiaoWed12:30 – 14:20CPD-LG.101206
1Science, Technology and Big DataCCST9034Living in a Hazardous WorldProfessor L.S. RanWed16:30 – 18:20KK1011200
1Science, Technology and Big DataCCST9042The World of WavesProfessor K.W. ChowWed12:30 – 14:20MWT12880
1Science, Technology and Big DataCCST9050Robot: Flesh, Machines, IntelligenceProfessor K.W. KwokWed12:30 – 14:20CYCP11200
1Science, Technology and Big DataCCST9051What are We Made of – the Fundamental Nature of MatterDr. Jason C.S. PunWed16:30 – 18:20KK1021200
1Science, Technology and Big DataCCST9056The Force is with You: How Things WorkProfessor Francis C.C. LingWed12:30 – 14:20CYPP41206
1Science, Technology and Big DataCCST9062*Sports: For you and Hong Kong (Section A)Professor Anthony P.Y. LiuWed16:30 – 18:20CYCP11206
1Science, Technology and Big DataCCST9064The World Changed by DNAProfessor Brian H.Y. ChungWed14:30 – 16:20KK2021200
1Science, Technology and Big DataCCST9070Nature-inspired InnovationsProfessor Kelvin W.K. YeungWed12:30 – 14:20CYPP31206
1Science, Technology and Big DataCCST9077The Quantum Revolution: From Secret Codes to Black HolesProfessor Giulio Chiribella Wed16:30 – 18:20LE21204
1Science, Technology and Big DataCCST9081All You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About HumansDr. Michael B.C. RiveraWed14:30 – 16:20CYCC5011206
1Science, Technology and Big DataCCST9083Earth as Seen by SatelliteProfessor Shunlin LiangWed12:30 – 14:20MWT71206
1Science, Technology and Big DataCCST9084From Ancient Remedies to Modern Medicine: A Historical Perspective on Health TechnologyProfessor Tak Man WongWed16:30 – 18:20CYPP31206
1Arts and HumanitiesCCHU5065A Life Worth Living (Online)Dr. Carl HildebrandWed16:30 – 18:20Online1200
1Arts and HumanitiesCCHU9001Designs on the FutureProfessor Matthew R. PryorWed14:30 – 16:20LBNMPZ1205
1Arts and HumanitiesCCHU9007*Sexuality and Gender: Diversity and Society (Section A)Dr. Brenda R. AlegreWed12:30 – 14:20LE11206
1Arts and HumanitiesCCHU9011Social Divisions in Contemporary SocietiesProfessor Clifton R. EmeryWed12:30 – 14:20MB2011205
1Arts and HumanitiesCCHU9012Body, Beauty and FashionProfessor Karen. A. LaidlerWed12:30 – 14:20KB2231206
1Arts and HumanitiesCCHU9013Cultural Heritages in the Contemporary WorldProfessor Tom McdonaldWed12:30 – 14:20LE51206
1Arts and HumanitiesCCHU9018Arts and Ideas: East and WestProfessor Roslyn L. HammersWed12:30 – 14:20MB2171206
1Arts and HumanitiesCCHU9022Journey into Madness: Conceptions of Mental Health and Mental IllnessProfessor Paul W.C. WongWed14:30 – 16:20CPD-LG.101206
1Arts and HumanitiesCCHU9032Language, Institution and PowerProfessor Olga A. ZaytsWed14:30 – 16:20LE21204
1Arts and HumanitiesCCHU9039*Sexuality and Culture (Section A)Professor William C.W. WongWed16:30 – 18:20MWT71206
1Arts and HumanitiesCCHU9049Reinventing Classical MusicDr. Jose V. NegliaWed16:30 – 18:20CPD-1.241160
1Arts and HumanitiesCCHU9051Mysteries of the Human MindProfessor Amit ChaturvediWed16:30 – 18:20CPD-LG.101206
1Arts and HumanitiesCCHU9052The Best Things in Life: A Philosophical ExplorationProfessor Yutang JinWed12:30 – 14:20WLGH1200
1Arts and HumanitiesCCHU9053Contested Words, Disputed SymbolsDr. Sinead M.K. KwokWed16:30 – 18:20MB2011205
1Arts and HumanitiesCCHU9056Virtual Worlds, Real BodiesProfessor Yong Hong KuoWed16:30 – 18:20MWT61200
1Arts and HumanitiesCCHU9060Games: Play, Learning and SocietyProfessor Guang OuyangWed14:30 – 16:20MWT11206
1Arts and HumanitiesCCHU9062*Buddhist Visions in World Cinema (Section A)Professor Georgios HalkiasWed16:30 – 18:20CYPP21206
1Arts and HumanitiesCCHU9068Shaping our World: Liberalism, Socialism and NationalismProfessor Richard Y.C. WongSat08:30 – 10:20LE11206
1Arts and HumanitiesCCHU9070*Making Movies: Creative Expression on Screen (Section A)Dr. Esther C.M. YauWed14:30 – 16:20CPD-3.28804
1Arts and HumanitiesCCHU9071Man Up: Masculinities in the MakingDr. Carol C.L. TsangWed12:30 – 14:20CPD-LG.081206
1Arts and HumanitiesCCHU9075Buddhist Architecture” Monasteries in Cross-Cultural DevelopmentsProfessor W.J. WangWed16:30 – 18:20MB2171206
1Arts and HumanitiesCCHU9078Contemplative Practices: From Personal Awareness to Social Well-beingDr. Adrian H.Y. WanWed16:30 – 18:20CPD-3.041206
1Arts and HumanitiesCCHU9081Urban Legend: Fact, Myth and ReinterpretationProfessor C.P. TaiWed16:30 – 18:20WLGH1206
1Arts and HumanitiesCCHU908224 Frames: Communicating Ideas through FilmMr. Nikolas EttelWed14:30 – 16:20LE11206
1Arts and HumanitiesCCHU9085When Animals Talk BackProfessor Don KulickWed12:30 – 14:20CPD-LG.091206
1Arts and HumanitiesCCHU9086Understanding Religious WorldsDr. G.A. SomaratneWed16:30 – 18:20MWT31206
1Global IssuesCCGL5005Poverty, Development, and the Next Generation: Challenges for a Global World (Online)Professor Hugo HortaWed12:30 – 14:20Online (starts in the 2nd week of Sept)1200
1Global IssuesCCGL5062Shaping our Health Across Cultures (Online)Professor Abraham K.C. WaiWed16:30 – 18:20Online1200
1Global IssuesCCGL9001*Hong Kong Cinema through a Global Lens (Section A)Dr. Fiona Yuk-wa LawWed12:30 – 14:20CPD-3.041206
1Global IssuesCCGL9002*Hong Kong Culture in the Context of Globalization (Section A)Dr. Fiona Yuk-wa LawWed14:30 – 16:20CPD-3.041206
1Global IssuesCCGL9007*Youth in a Global WorldDr. Ben M.F. LawWed12:30 – 14:20CYCC5011200
1Global IssuesCCGL9010Sports Culture under Global CapitalismProfessor Tom McdonaldWed16:30 – 18:20LE41206
1Global IssuesCCGL9011Media in the Age of GlobalizationProfessor K.W. FuWed14:30 – 16:20CYPP41206
1Global IssuesCCGL9016Feeding the WorldDr. George V. AkomSat10:30 – 12:20CYPP41206
1Global IssuesCCGL9022Globalization in Question: Human and Economic ConsequencesProfessor Liz J. JacksonWed12:30 – 14:20 MWT31206
1Global IssuesCCGL9025The Political Economy of Growth and Poverty in the WorldDr. Vera W.H. YuenWed14:30 – 16:20KB2231206
1Global IssuesCCGL9030*Financial Crisis: History, Solutions, and Our Economic Futures (Section A)Dr. Maurice K.S. TseWed16:30 – 18:20KK2011200
1Global IssuesCCGL9031*Entrepreneurship: Global and Social Development (Section A)Professor Simon S.K. LamWed14:30 – 16:20KK2011200
1Global IssuesCCGL9035Challenges of Global Governance: Past and PresentDr. Wilfred M. ChowWed14:30 – 16:20CPD-LG.181200
1Global IssuesCCGL9036Dilemmas of Humanitarian InterventionDr. Martin SebenaSat10:30 – 12:20CPD-3.041200
1Global IssuesCCGL9040Energy Futures, Globalization and Sustainability Dr. Vivian H.Y. ChuWed14:30 – 16:20LE51206
1Global IssuesCCGL9042*The Evolution of Civilization (Section A)Dr. Larry W. BaumWed16:30 – 18:20MWT11206
1Global IssuesCCGL9053Suicide: Risks, Research, and RealitiesProfessor Paul S.F. YipWed14:30 – 16:20CPD-LG.071206
1Global IssuesCCGL9054Responding to the Challenges of Aging SocietiesProfessor Paul S.H. LauSat10:30 – 12:20KK1011200
1Global IssuesCCGL9066Music and Global Politics: From Beethoven to Beyonce and BeyondDr. Adam J. SacksWed12:30 – 14:20MWT61204
1Global IssuesCCGL9067Companies and People: Friends or Foes?Mr. Beau L. Lefler Wed12:30 – 14:20LE21204
1Global IssuesCCGL9073Fashion, Politics and the Global CityMs. Ting ShiWed12:30 – 14:20CPD-LG.181206
1Global IssuesCCGL9074Unleashing the Power of Big Data in Global CitiesProfessor Yulun ZhouWed16:30 – 18:20KB2231206
1China: Culture, State & SocietyCCCH5006China’s Modernization in the East Asian Context (Online)Professor Loretta E. KimWed14:30 – 16:20Online1200
1China: Culture, State & SocietyCCCH5054Mothering China: From the Womb to the Nation (Online)Dr. Carol C.L. TsangWed16:30 – 18:20Online1200
1China: Culture, State & SocietyCCCH9005*The Chinese Cultural Revolution (Sections A and B)Dr. Aihe WangWed14:30 – 16:20WLGH1200
1China: Culture, State & SocietyCCCH9007*China in the Global Economy (Section A)Dr. Jing LiWed14:30 – 16:20KKLG1091206
1China: Culture, State & SocietyCCCH9014Social Development Challenges in ChinaProfessor Chenhong PengWed14:30 – 16:20CPD-LG.081206
1China: Culture, State & SocietyCCCH9015Population, Society and Sustainable Development in Hong Kong Professor Paul S.F. YipWed16:30 – 18:20CPD-LG.071206
1China: Culture, State & SocietyCCCH9018*Buddhism and Chinese Culture (Section A)Dr. Xing GuangWed16:30 – 18:20CPD-LG.181206
1China: Culture, State & SocietyCCCH9025Humanity and Nature in Chinese ThoughtDr. Arthur C.S. ChinWed14:30 – 16:20MB2171206
1China: Culture, State & SocietyCCCH9026Rule of Law and China’s Economic MiracleProfessor Zhuang LiuWed16:30 – 18:20LE51206
1China: Culture, State & SocietyCCCH9029Ideas and Practices of Healing Arts in Traditional Chinese MedicineProfessor Zhang Jin ZhangWed16:30 – 18:20LE12886
1China: Culture, State & SocietyCCCH9031Property Rights, Built Heritage and Sustainable Development in Hong KongProfessor Lennon H.T. ChoySat10:30 – 12:20KK1021200
1China: Culture, State & SocietyCCCH9033Sustainable Urban Development and Hong KongProfessor Creighton Paul ConnollyWed14:30 – 16:20CYCP11206
1China: Culture, State & SocietyCCCH9037Chinese MythologyProfessor Isaac M.C. YueWed12:30 – 14:20CBA1204
1China: Culture, State & SocietyCCCH9042Corruption and Anticorruption in ChinaDr Jessica L.E. Hun Wed12:30 – 14:20CPD-3.281200
1China: Culture, State & SocietyCCCH9044Dunhuang and the Silk Road: Art, Culture and TradeDr. C.H. TsuiWed14:30 – 16:20LE41206
1China: Culture, State & SocietyCCCH9052Arts, Science and Artifacts in Chinese Cultural HeritageProfessor Quentin A. ParkerWed16:30 – 18:20CYPP41206
2Science, Technology and Big DataCCST5068Artificial Intelligence: Utopia or Dystopia? (Online)Dr. Rachel K.W. LuiWed14:30 – 16:20Online1200
2Science, Technology and Big DataCCST9010The Science of Crime InvestigationDr. Philip S.L. BehWed12:30 – 14:20KB2231206
2Science, Technology and Big DataCCST9012Our Place in the UniverseDr. Timothy D. WotherspoonWed16:30 – 18:20MWT21206
2Science, Technology and Big DataCCST9014Science and MusicProfessor Tran Trung LuuWed14:30 – 16:20CYPP412012
2Science, Technology and Big DataCCST9018Origin and Evolution of LifeProfessor Kono H. LemkeWed12:30 – 14:20MWT61204
2Science, Technology and Big DataCCST9025*Genetics and Human Nature (Section B)Professor P.C. ShamWed14:30 – 16:20MWT71206
2Science, Technology and Big DataCCST9027The Science of Irrational ThinkingProfessor Jeffrey A. SaundersWed14:30 – 16:20MWT12886
2Science, Technology and Big DataCCST9038Science and Science FictionProfessor Aleksandra DjurisicWed14:30 – 16:20CYPP21206
2Science, Technology and Big DataCCST9045The Science and Lore of Culinary CultureDr. Angela M.Y. YuenWed14:30 – 16:20CYCP11206
2Science, Technology and Big DataCCST9047The Age of Big DataProfessor Difan ZouWed14:30 – 16:20KB2231206
2Science, Technology and Big DataCCST9049The Metaverse: From Human Vision to Extended RealityDr. Dirk SchniedersWed16:30 – 18:20MWT31206
2Science, Technology and Big DataCCST9062*Sports: For you and Hong Kong (Section B)Professor Anthony P.Y. LiuWed16:30 – 18:20KK1011200
2Science, Technology and Big DataCCST9063The Unseen: Invaders, Healers, and the Microbial WorldProfessor Philip M.L. YeungWed16:30 – 18:20LE4800
2Science, Technology and Big DataCCST9066Big Data Solutions to Social Problems: the Good, the Bad and the UglyProfessor Hao LuoWed16:30 – 18:20CPD-LG.181206
2Science, Technology and Big DataCCST9067Leaving Earth: Our Future in SpaceProfessor Joseph R. MichalskiWed16:30 – 18:20LE51206
2Science, Technology and Big DataCCST9072Smile! Teeth and SocietyDr. Andy W.K. YeungWed14:30 – 16:20KKLG1091206
2Science, Technology and Big DataCCST9073Emotion, Cognition, and BrainProfessor Guang OuyangWed14:30 – 16:20MWT21206
2Science, Technology and Big DataCCST9074Water: Resources, Policy and TechnologyProfessor Xiao-yan LiWed16:30 – 18:20MWT61204
2Science, Technology and Big DataCCST9075Be Fit! Be Active!Professor Youngwon KimWed14:30 – 16:20CPD-LG.071206
2Science, Technology and Big DataCCST9076Attention Magnet: The Psychological and Technological Aspects of Social MediaProfessor Shihui FengWed16:30 – 18:20WLGH1206
2Science, Technology and Big DataCCST9080FinTech: Financial Inclusion, Emerging Markets, and Social ValueProfessor S. M. YiuWed12:30 – 14:20MWT21206
2Science, Technology and Big DataCCST9082Pandemics: From Science to Societal ImpactDr. Bonny B.H. YuenWed12:30 – 14:20CPD-LG.101206
2Science, Technology and Big DataCCST9085Inspiration from the Living WorldProfessor Mathew S. SeymourWed12:30 – 14:20KKLG1091206
2Arts and HumanitiesCCHU5001Designs on the Future (Online)Professor Matthew R. PryorWed14:30 – 16:20Online1200
2Arts and HumanitiesCCHU5074 Beyond Fake News (Online)Professor Masato KajimotoWed16:30 – 19:20Online800
2Arts and HumanitiesCCHU9002Battles for Bodies: The Birth of Surveillance SocietyDr. Alison Y.W. SoWed12:30 – 14:20CPD-LG.091206
2Arts and HumanitiesCCHU9005Food and ValuesProfessor Joe Y.F. LauWed12:30 – 14:20MWT12880
2Arts and HumanitiesCCHU9006Girl Power in a Man’s WorldProfessor Nirmala RaoWed12:30 – 14:20MWT31206
2Arts and HumanitiesCCHU9007*Sexuality and Gender: Diversity and Society (Section B)Dr. Nicky RungeWed14:30 – 16:20LE11206
2Arts and HumanitiesCCHU9009Moral Controversies in Contemporary SocietyDr. David BirksWed16:30 – 18:20CPD-LG.101200
2Arts and HumanitiesCCHU9010Being Different: Understanding People with DisabilitiesDr. Sandra K.M. TsangWed12:30 – 14:20LE51206
2Arts and HumanitiesCCHU9014Spirituality, Religion and Social ChangeProfessor David A. PalmerWed16:30 – 18:20CPD-LG.081206
2Arts and HumanitiesCCHU9015Sex and Intimacy in Modern TimesProfessor Travis S.K. KongSat10:30 – 12:20CPD-3.041206
2Arts and HumanitiesCCHU9021Critical Thinking in Contemporary Society Dr A.C.S. ChinWed14:30 – 16:20LE21204
2Arts and HumanitiesCCHU9030Image, Space and SocietyMr. Haotian ZhangWed16:30 – 18:20LE21204
2Arts and HumanitiesCCHU9034Architecture and FilmProfessor Eunice M.F. SengWed16:30 – 18:20KKLG1091206
2Arts and HumanitiesCCHU9039*Sexuality and Culture (Section B)Professor William C.W. WongWed16:30 – 18:20MWT71206
2Arts and HumanitiesCCHU9042Human Language: Nature or Nurture?Dr. Olivia S.C. LAMWed12:30 – 14:20KK2021200
2Arts and HumanitiesCCHU9043Rethinking Women: The Big DebatesDr. Carol C.L. TsangWed14:30 – 16:20CPD-LG.091206
2Arts and HumanitiesCCHU9044Creative Arts as a Way of KnowingProfessor Rainbow T.H. HoWed16:30 – 18:20KK2011200
2Arts and HumanitiesCCHU9045Vision: The Science and Art of PerceptionProfessor Anthony P.Y. LiuWed14:30 – 16:20KK1011200
2Arts and HumanitiesCCHU9048The City: Histories of Urbanism and the Built EnvironmentDr. Linda ShetabiWed12:30 – 14:20CYCP11206
2Arts and HumanitiesCCHU9062*Buddhist Visions in World Cinema (Section B)Professor Georgios HalkiasWed14:30 – 16:20CPD-LG.181206
2Arts and HumanitiesCCHU9065A Life Worth LivingDr. Jonathan JohnsonWed16:30 – 18:20CYPP31206
2Arts and HumanitiesCCHU9069Economic Logic of Civilizations: How Human Societies have Innovated to Deal with RiskProfessor Zhiwu ChenWed12:30 – 14:20KK1011206
2Arts and HumanitiesCCHU9070*Making Movies: Creative Expression on Screen (Section B)Dr. Esther C.M. YauWed14:30 – 16:20CPD-3.28804
2Arts and HumanitiesCCHU9076The Journalist: Comics, Movies, Fiction and FactMrs. Jennifer S. DeaytonWed14:30 – 16:20MWT31206
2Arts and HumanitiesCCHU9079Queering Art, Performance and CitiesDr. Crystal KwokWed12:30 – 14:20LE11206
2Arts and HumanitiesCCHU9080Dead People’s Things: Excavating the Past with Archaeology Professor Peter J. CobbWed14:30 – 16:20MB2171206
2Arts and HumanitiesCCHU9084 The Law in Everyday LifeProfessor Anya M. AdairWed12:30 – 14:20MB2011205
2Arts and HumanitiesCCHU9088We are Family: Myths, Realities and the Future of an IdeaDr. Carol C.L. TsangWed12:30 – 14:20CPD-LG.181206
2Arts and HumanitiesCCHU9089Race and EthnicityDr. Adam J. SacksWed16:30 – 18:20CYPP21206
2Arts and HumanitiesCCHU9090The Love We Give and the Lies We Tell: The Ethics of RelationshipsDr. Carl HildebrandWed12:30 – 14:20WLGH1206
2Global IssuesCCGL5022Globalization in Question: Human and Economic Consequences (Online)Professor M. Nutsa KobakhidzeWed16:30 – 18:20Online1200
2Global IssuesCCGL5048Global Crime and Injustice (Online)Professor Paul JoosseWed12:30 – 14:20Online1200
2Global IssuesCCGL5063How to Make (Sense of) Money (Online)Professor Tom McDonaldWed16:30 – 18:20Online1200
2Global IssuesCCGL9001*Hong Kong Cinema through a Global Lens (Section B)Dr. Fiona Yuk-wa LawWed12:30 – 14:20CPD-LG.081206
2Global IssuesCCGL9002*Hong Kong Culture in the Context of Globalization (Section B)Dr. Fiona Yuk-wa LawWed14:30 – 16:20CPD-LG.081206
2Global IssuesCCGL9007*Youth in a Global World (Section B)Dr. Muhammad Hafiz Bin Wed12:30 – 14:20CYPP21206
2Global IssuesCCGL9014Thinking about Global EthicsProfessor Uwe SteinhoffWed16:30 – 18:20MB2011200
2Global IssuesCCGL9015Globalization and MigrationProfessor Samson A. BezabehWed16:30 – 18:20CPD-LG.071206
2Global IssuesCCGL9018Corporate Social ResponsibilityProfessor Sammy L.K. FungWed14:30 – 16:20KK2021200
2Global IssuesCCGL9021Globalization and TourismProfessor Patrick J. AdlerWed14:30 – 16:20MB2011205
2Global IssuesCCGL9024The Life and Death of Languages: Diversity, Identity and GlobalizationProfessor Kofi YakpoWed12:30 – 14:20MWT71206
2Global IssuesCCGL9026Think Global, Act Local: You, Hong Kong, and the WorldProfessor Kyung-min NamWed12:30 – 14:20KB7301200
2Global IssuesCCGL9030*Financial Crisis: History, Solutions, and Our Economic Futures (Section B)Dr. Maurice K.S. TseWed16:30 – 18:20KK1021200
2Global IssuesCCGL9031*Entrepreneurship: Global and Social Development (Section B)Professor Simon S.K. LamWed14:30 – 16:20KK1021200
2Global IssuesCCGL9032 Rule of Law in a Globalizing WorldProfessor Stefano OsellaWed16:30 – 18:20CPD-3.041206
2Global IssuesCCGL9042*The Evolution of Civilization (Section B)Dr. Larry W. BaumWed16:30 – 18:20CYPP41206
2Global IssuesCCGL9052Some We Love, Some We Eat: Human-Animal Relationships in the Global MarketplaceDr. Carmen K.M. TongWed14:30 – 16:20KK2011200
2Global IssuesCCGL9055Genocide: The Nightmare from HistoryDr. Adam J. SacksWed12:30 – 14:20LE41206
2Global IssuesCCGL9058Villages and Global FuturesDr. Winnie W.Y. LawWed16:30 – 18:20CPD-LG.091206
2Global IssuesCCGL9059 Water in a Changing WorldDr. George V. AkomWed16:30 – 18:20MWT11206
2Global IssuesCCGL9065Our Response to Climate Change: Hong Kong 2100Professor Hongshan GuoWed12:30 – 14:20LE21204
2Global IssuesCCGL9068Social Entrepreneurship for Social ImpactDr. Vivian H.Y. ChuWed12:30 – 14:20CPD-LG.071206
2Global IssuesCCGL9069Multinationals and the Global EconomyProfessor Ghassan MoazzinWed12:30 – 14:20CYPP31206
2Global IssuesCCGL9070The Birth of the City and the Shaping of SocietiesProfessor Samuel Y. ChenWed14:30 – 16:20MWT61204
2China: Culture, State & SocietyCCCH5017People, Propaganda and Profit: Understanding Media in China (Online)Dr. Li-fung ChoWed12:30 – 14:20Online1200
2China: Culture, State & SocietyCCCH5039Curing the Chinese: Medicine and Society in Modern China (Online)Professor Xiaoli TianWed14:30 – 16:20Online1200
2China: Culture, State & SocietyCCCH5044Dunhuang and the Silk Road: Art, Culture and Trade (Online)Dr. C.H. TsuiWed14:30 – 16:20Online1200
2China: Culture, State & SocietyCCCH5057Shaping Health in China (Online)Professor Abraham K.C. WaiWed12:30 – 14:20Online1200
2China: Culture, State & SocietyCCCH9001Chinese House and Garden: Architecture, Landscape, and Material CultureProfessor W.J. WangWed16:30 – 18:20LE11206
2China: Culture, State & SocietyCCCH9002Chinese Cities in the 21st CenturyProfessor Anthony G.O. YehWed14:30 – 16:20KB7301206
2China: Culture, State & SocietyCCCH9005*The Chinese Cultural Revolution (Sections C and D)Dr. Aihe WangWed14:30 – 16:20WLGH1200
2China: Culture, State & SocietyCCCH9007*China in the Global Economy (Section B)Dr. Jing LiWed14:30 – 16:20LE51206
2China: Culture, State & SocietyCCCH9010Understanding China’s Governance: Challenges and ProspectsDr. Xiaoqi WangWed12:30 – 14:20CPD-3.041200
2China: Culture, State & SocietyCCCH9018*Buddhism and Chinese Culture (Section B)Dr. Xing GuangWed16:30 – 18:20CPD-3.281206
2China: Culture, State & SocietyCCCH9023Family and Development in Modern ChinaProfessor Vivian W.Q. LouWed14:30 – 16:20CPD-3.041206
2China: Culture, State & SocietyCCCH9027China’s Ethnic Groups: Assimilation or Pluralism?Professor Gerard A. PostiglioneWed16:30 – 18:20KK2021200
2China: Culture, State & SocietyCCCH9041The Rule of Law in Modern ChinaProfessor Albert H.Y. ChenWed12:30 – 14:20CPD-3.281206
2China: Culture, State & SocietyCCCH9050Blessings or Curses? World Heritage Sites in China and their SustainabilityProfessor K.S. YuWed16:30 – 18:20KB2231200
2China: Culture, State & SocietyCCCH9051Digitizing Cultural Heritage in Greater ChinaProfessor Xiao HuWed16:30 – 18:20CYCP11206
2China: Culture, State & SocietyCCCH9058Talking About Politics: Chinese Debates in Political Thinking, Past and PresentProfessor Daniel BellWed14:30 – 16:20CPD-LG.101206
SummerScience, Technology and Big DataCCST6001Change for a Better Self (CCMC)Professor K.W. ChanTBCTBCTBC600
SummerGlobal IssuesCCGL6001Change for a Better Community (CCMC)Professor Frances Y.W. LawJune 24 – July 2, 20249:30 – 17:00CPD-2.42600
SummerChina: Culture, State & SocietyCCCH6001Human Monkeys: Unethical Research in Manchuria (CCMC)Dr. Zohar LedermanTBCTBCTBC600

* Will be offered in the first and second semesters

Building codes:

  • CPD = Central Podium Levels (Centennial Campus)
  • CYC =  Chong Yuet Ming Chemistry Building (P: Lecture Theatre)
  • CYCC501 = Yuet Ming Auditorium
  • CYP = Chong Yuet Ming Physics Building (P: Lecture Theatre)
  • KB = Knowles Building
  • KK = K.K. Leung Building
  • LBNMPZ = Library multi-purpose zone
  • LE = Library Extension Building
  • MB = Main Building
  • MW = Meng Wah Complex (T: Lecture Theatre)
  • RHT = Rayson Huang Theatre
  • WLGH = Wang Gungwu Lecture Hall, Graduate House