Student Awards and Recognition

2022 - 2023 Year

Student Learning Festival
(26 April 2023)

Category Students/ Projects
Best Student Work Gitanjali Anna Pies

U21 RISE (Real Impact on Society and Environment)
(July 2023)

CategoryStudents/ Projects
Most Collaborative AwardKy Nam Nguyen, Fanyin Yang and Zi Hao Lam with “LEAN Social – Virtual Work & Study Space for GenZ”

2021 - 2022 Year

Interdisciplinary & Impact Student Showcase Awards
(11 October 2021)

CategoryStudents/ Projects
Winner in Critical ZonesLoo:fah by Winnie Heung and Jianing Yu
Winner in Shaping the FutureFuture City by Yoonseo Choi, Hyeonwoo Jung, Taehyun Kim, Soyun Jeong, Hyunjoo (May) Kim
Winner in the Leadership for Sustaining Cities, Cultures, and the EarthBlue Plate by Aastha Gaur, Ki Lung Choi, Ji Hyun Park, Sichen Yu
Winner in the Media EcospheresEffects of COVID-19 on Global Marketing by Khyati Gupta

Global Climate Change Photography Contest
(18 - 24 October 2021)

Category Students/ Projects
Winner Jessie Ruan with “Way to Enjoy Sky View”
Winner Naman Gulati with “The Burning World”
Finalist Ging Sem Chin with “How Should I Cross?”

2020 - 2021 Year

Common Core Virtual Case Competition

CategoryStudents/ Projects
ChampionTeam 3 – SISU
Vincci Wing Sze Chan
Riley Hiu Lam Tsoi
1st Runner-upTeam 4 – Technology A Day, Mental Illness Away 
Yun Jui Tu, Cheng An Chang, Li Hung Wang
2nd Runner-upTeam 2 – Greenhorn Solutions
Truston Jianheng Yu
Abdul Khaleed
Lok Tin Yu

United Board for Christian Higher Education in Asia "Preferred Futures" Contest

Category Students/ Projects
First Place (Global Prize) “The Collective Future” by Asimudeen Sahabudeen

AIESEC in HKU SDG Innovation Challenge

CategoryStudents/ Projects
Winner in SDG 3 Good Health and WellbeingGroup 3 – Jeong
Winner in SDG 4 Quality EducationGroup 9 – No Girls Left Behind
Winner in SDG 10 Reduced Inequality Group 11 – Paritas