SDG Initiatives

Stories for Change - Rotary Peace Fellow Internships

In collaboration with Chulalongkorn University Rotary Peace Fellow Dr Michael Chew, HKU students hosted a global online environmental video competition Film Your Earth, Make Everyone Alert! as part of an initiative to gather and showcase positive stories of environmental change throughout the world.

Second Prize: 

How to be an environmentalist when you are living in a residential hall? By Po Lam Esther Li + Keith, Vincy, Ruby, and Claire (Age group: 18-22) 

Youth Voices On Clean Energy By Amazon Theatrix Ensemble’ (Martin Nyawara + Steasy Atieno + Georgina Atieno + Joans Arodi) (Age group: 23-30): 

[ The Sleepless City ] A Video on Light Pollution in Hong Kong By Delna Khan + Chloe Wan (Age group: 12-17). Best Cinematography

Third Prize:

Waste Problem or Resources? Menstruators can help
Lau Pui Kei + Jasmine Di Trang (Age group: 18-22)

One less plastic bag everyday by Feng Jiawen (‘Lightening’) (Age group: 23-30)

Stop the war with nature!
Tseng Ying Aisling Colloton (Age group: 12-17) + Most Creative Video

Best Song: Kimmi Nicole Lynn

First Prize:

Save Our Earth (Mommy Version) By Kithuru Mohamed Idhrus Humaiya (Age group: 23-30). 

平,靚,正 (Cheap, Pretty, Perfect) By Jasmine Ho + Irisa Kwok + Hannah Montalvo (Age group: 18-22). Most Creative Video.

Sustainable Seafood By Hayden Li + Hayleigh Joy Li (Age group: 12-17). Most Meaningful Video

Jockey Club Sustainable Campus Consumer Programme

The Common Core through the Hong Kong Sustainability Campus Consortium (HKSCC) is hosting a hackathon to co-create fund and educational solutions through applying gamification in a sustainability context and bring the solutions into the Hong Kong community and beyond.
Being actively supported by the academia of the tertiary institutions and gaming consultancy in Hong Kong, the participants can gain valuable insights on the key issues on sustainability and gaming framework thus creating a gaming product that appropriately delivers the message about doing more and better with less.

The aim is to develop a gaming solution to invite the world to adopt responsible consumption and production lifestyle.

The event will start in April 2022 with applications and run until September 2022. More details will be available soon.

Photography Exhibition: Climate Change and Leadership in Hong Kong

The photography exhibition is held in support of Global Climate Change Week on 18 – 24th October 2021. It features original photographs submitted by HKU undergraduate students around the theme of  Climate Action and Leadership in Hong Kong.

SDG Games 2030

The Common Core collaboration with Encompass HK will host a series of workshops on the 2030 SDGs Game. Created in Japan, this multiplayer, card-based game simulates taking the “real world” into the year 2030 to gain a deeper appreciation of the United Nations SDGs.

The games seeks to engage teachers and students in a meaningful conversation about the SDGs.

Workshops will be organized on:

12 August 2021: Gaming for Teachers (4 – 6 pm)
23 September 2021: Gaming for Students (4 – 6 pm)
8 October 2021: SDG and Design Thinking (4 – 6 pm)

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AIESEC in HKU Presents: SDG Innovation Challenge

As our learning partner, AIESEC ran workshops and a hack-a-ton competition around the SDGs focused on good health and well-being, quality education, and reduced inequalities. The Challenge had participants hack scalable and socially-impactful business models, open to students from any tertiary institution around the world, with teams of 4-5 students submitting a 4-page proposal and a 6-minute video pitch.

The session attracted 55 participants, with the final winners as follows:

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SDG 3 Good Health and Wellbeing – Group 3: Jeong
SDG 4: Quality Education – Group 9: No Girls Left Behind
SDG 10: Reduced Inequality – Group 11: Paritas

Intergenerational Participatory Co-Design Project (IPCP)

The IPCP was a knowledge exchange and research collaboration between the Common Core Office, HKU Libraries, the Sau Po Centre on Ageing, and the Faculty of Education, involving three different age groups in Hong Kong – retired Senior Champions (50+ years old), HKU undergraduate students and secondary school students. The objectives of IPCP was encouraging inter-generational communications towards developing new approaches to support an ageing society. The focus centered around cross-generational collaboration, appreciation of cultural heritage, and technological innovations. The project was supported by the HKU Teaching Development Grant at the University of Hong Kong between November 2019 and November 2020. For more information, visit the CAMPUS @ HKU page.

Mindfulness and Meditation with Tsz Shan Institute

360 Diversity in Sham Shui Po

“Diversity in Sham Shui Po” is a project launched in 2018 by the Common Core Office in collaboration with the social enterprise Rinato Eco Floral Shop. Using 360° photographic and video technology, the project aimed to collect and record the lives of the diverse individuals, groups and communities who reside in Sham Shui Po, including stall owners and immigrants from minority ethnicities.

The project was led by Dr Nicol Pan and six undergraduate and postgraduate students from the Faculty of Arts, Education, Social Sciences and Science: Ms Wai Yin Tang, Mr Gabriel Fung, Ms Winnie Wei Zheng, Ms Tiffany Tse, Ms Lauren Leran Liu and Ms Guolei Ma. The mini-documentary the only video in Hong Kong selected for the MY World 360º playlist and screened at UN General Assembly at the United Nations from 24 to 25 September 2019.

For more information:
HKU Press Release
HKU student documentary ‘Diversity in Sham Shui Po’ to be screened at UN General Assembly (South China Morning Post Young Post)

HKU Rural Sustainability Programme wins inaugural Special Recognition for Sustainable Development in the 2020 UNESCO Asia-Pacific Awards for Cultural Heritage Conservation

Prospect Myanmar: Painting a Transitional State

Date: 12 March – 2 April 2015 (10:00 am to 5:00 pm)
Location: HKU Visitor Centre and Common Core Lounge (MB150)

The exhibition was a conversation on the political reform that started to sweep Myanmar in 2011, when a long-standing military junta handed power to an elected civilian government. The nation needed to confront many big issues during the transition. This exhibition provides one set of perspectives on Myanmar in reform by presenting paintings by about twenty artists. Together, they help generate a fuller understanding of a nation that for decades has had only limited contact with the wider world.

The art works are now on display in the Main Library, on loan from Vice-President and Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Teaching and Learning), Professor Ian Holliday.