Transdisciplinary Learning, the Future of the University, and the Common Core at the University of Hong Kong

This series of interviews between Gray Kochhar-Lindgren—the Director of the Common Core@HKU—and the distinguished professors serving as External Examiners for the programme explores connections across disciplines, active learning strategies, the future of the University as an institution, and the relationships between campuses, cities, and the world.

The first is with Professor Sander Gilman, University Professor of the Liberal Arts and Sciences as well as Professor of Psychiatry at Emory University in Atlanta. Professor Gilman serves as the Common Core’s External Examiner for the Humanities Area of Inquiry.

The second is with Professor Matthew Sparke, Professor of Geography and International Studies, Adjunct Professor of Global Health, and the Director of the Integrated Social Sciences at the University of Washington, Seattle. Professor Sparke serves as the External Examiner for the Common Core as a whole.