GLADE Symposiums

The GLADE Symposium 2022 (Zoom)

Under the title of Mapping Future Interdisciplinarities – A Play and Planning Session, the symposium was held on May 11 2022, hosted by Prof. Gray Kochhar-Lindgren, Director of the Common Core at HKU.

Topics discussed included:

  • Re-conceptualizing trans- and interdisciplinarity: The world as a field-of-forces/”social”-“natural”: Inter- and Trans-: Pivots, Transits, and the Meeting Points of Social & Natural Forces (By Prof. Gray Kochhar-Lindgren, HKU)
  • Interdisciplinary BASC Degrees: the Rationale: Conceptual-Pragmatic-Affective (By Prof. Tim Jordan, University College London, and Prof. Ian Holliday, HKU)
  • Undergraduate Student Interdisciplinary Research and Students as Change Agents: “From Research to Policy” (By Dr Betsy Porritt, The University of Birmingham)
  • Future Readiness: Enhancing Interdisciplinary Capacities for Students & Colleagues (By Dr Jack Tsao, The University of Hong Kong)
The symposium was joined by GLADE partners from the University College London, University of Birmingham, Halmstad University, University of Edinburgh, Lingnan University, and Utrecht University.

The GLADE Symposium 2020 (Zoom)

Held on July 21- 22 2020 with Sabine Rolle (University of Edinburgh), Michael Burke (Utrecht University), Diana Spencer (University of Birmingham), and Tanja Golja (University of Technology Sydney) on the topic of:

  • Sharing Undergraduate Transdisciplinary Curriculum & Projects
  • Digital Transmutations: Interactive & Interdisciplinary Online Teaching

The GLADE Symposium 2019

With the theme of Interdisciplinary & Holistic Learning in Research-Intensive Universities (with partners from Australia, Europe, Hong Kong, Singapore, Mainland China, the UK, and the US) held on June 13-14 2019.

Topics discussed included:

  • Global Civic University
  • Women + Innovation
  • The City as a Learning Site
  • Undergraduate Research: Virtually and Face-to-Face
  • Trans- and Inter-disciplinary Curricula, Courses, and Degrees
  • Virtual Class Exchanges
  • Learning in the Anthropocene
  • Global Experiential Learning
  • Embedding the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
Participants Position Institution
Prof David Helfand Professor & Chair, Department of Astronomy; CC Programme External Examiner Columbia University
Prof Roger Shu-Kwan Cheng Associate Provost for Teaching & Learning Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Prof Chng Huang Hoon Associate Provost (Undergraduate Education) National University of Singapore
Prof Lin Yan Professor, KoGuan Law School Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Prof Mei Yee Leung Director, University General Education The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Prof Parshia Lee-Stecum Associate Dean (Teaching and Learning) and Director, Arts Teaching Innovation The University of Melbourne
Dr Graham Woodgate Principal Teaching Fellow, BASc Arts and Sciences University College London
Prof Richard Hughey Vice Provost and Dean of Undergraduate Education University of California, Santa Cruz
Dr Sabine Rolle Dean of Undergraduate Studies University of Edinburgh
Dr Julia P Myatt Acting Dean of Liberal Arts and Natural Sciences 2018/2019; Director of Natural Sciences University of Birmingham
Dr Anselm Heinrich Senior Lecturer in Theatre Studies and College of Arts International Dean University of Glasgow
Dr Tanja Golja Head of Transdisciplinary Education Innovation University of Technology Sydney
Prof Michael Burke Dean, Honours College Utrecht University
Prof Aya Yoshida Professor of Sociology of Education Waseda University
Prof Diana Spencer Dean of Liberal Arts and Natural Sciences University of Birmingham
Stakeholders Position Institution
Ms Faustina Yip CC Alumni Ambassador The University of Hong Kong
Ms Natalie Chan Founder and CEO Own Academy
Mr Tristan Liu Founder and CEO Antzknow
Mr Adrian Lam, Man Ho CC Alumni Ambassador The University of Hong Kong
Ms Rosy You MEd student The University of Hong Kong
Ms Sharon Yuen President of the HKU HeForSheForUs Student Society The University of Hong Kong
HKU Organizing Committee Position Institution
Prof Ian M. Holliday Vice-President and Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Teaching and Learning) The University of Hong Kong
Prof Gray Kochhar-Lindgren Director of Common Core The University of Hong Kong
Dr Julian Tanner Sci & Tech Literacy (Convenor), School of Biomedical Sciences The University of Hong Kong
Mr Matthew R. Pryor Humanities (Convenor), Faculty of Architecture The University of Hong Kong
Dr Xiao Hu Digital Education The University of Hong Kong
Dr Nicol Pan Associate Director of Common Core The University of Hong Kong