Capacities for the Future

The transformation of the world through technological, sociocultural, political and economic changes provides competing challenges and opportunities for students as they chart their paths forward. This complexity places ever greater demands on graduates to be literate in diverse forms of written, oral, digital, and visual communication, in addition to practical applications of influencing, tangible creativity, collaboration, conflict resolution, imagining scenarios, and other socially nuanced leadership skills. This series of seminars, workshops, and projects develops students’ capacities and explores the potential frontiers of the future, for both individuals and larger social collectives. Diverse topics including sustainability, artificial intelligence, the metaverse, blockchain, creativity, and gaming align closely with the Common Core’s Transdisciplinary Minors as well as with the Curriculum as a whole.

Check out the HKU Future Readiness Initiative website here: HKU Future Readiness – Future Readiness