Common Core for Exchange / Visiting Students

Subject to availability, exchange/visiting students may, during their study at HKU, take up to 12 credits of Common Core (CC) courses from a selective menu, within which you may take one or two 3-credit CC microcredential courses (CCMCs).

Possible combinations for exchange/visiting students taking Common Core courses

No. of 6-credit CC coursesNo. of 3-credit CCMCsTotal no. of CC credits

Kindly note that each CC course you take must be from a different Area of Inquiry.


Fully online courses are NOT offered to exchange/visiting students.


Exchange/Visiting students should enroll to special sub-classes marked by “X” only. DO NOT select any other class sections which have no suffix “X” (e.g. 1A, 2A, etc.). Otherwise, your enrollment would be disapproved and dropped by the system automatically.

The enrollment and approval methods are the same as those for regular students, i.e. first-come-first-served during the course selection period and auto-ballot during the add/drop period. For details, please visit


You are strongly advised to refer to the following before performing your course selection.