Bewley John Kevin ValentineBA, 2022

    Hi, this is John.

    I’m a 3rd year student majoring in Politics & Public Administration and European Studies, and minoring in French. I’m half British and half Chinese, and have been educated in Hong Kong locally my whole life; hence, I speak English and Chinese fluently.

    Academically, I’m interested in the legal paradigms and regulatory instruments that constitute EU governance and trigger policy action. Other than that, I’ve been involved in research clusters within HKU on meritocratic political selection in modern China and the production of human capital in ancient China. I’m also working on a project related to cultural preservation in Hong Kong that is supported by the Common Core Undergraduate Transdisciplinary Research Initiative. How mundane. Apart from studying, I exhibit numerous characteristics of a social recluse: I enjoy solitary hiking, binge-watching Netflix, listening to all sorts of music (I have an unhealthy obsession for Bebop), and reading.

    This might seem like I’m blowing the Common Core’s trumpet, but I genuinely believe that it’s an invaluable resource that will unlock your journey to a unique, meaningful, and interesting collegiate experience at HKU. Knowledge-building and academic exchange often occur at the interface of similar and/or contrasting disciplines these days, and CC courses and activities give students a taste of what that’s like. As a Student Consultant, I hope to attune HKU students to the Common Core and its initiatives in an informative and interactive manner, such that they can appreciate how the Common Core can enrich their academic pursuits.

    If your Netflix queue is getting rather dull or if you just want to reach out, do feel free to get in touch. I look forward to working with you all!