Teaching and Learning Advisors & Mentors

This is a directory of Common Core’s course coordinator peer mentors, instructional designer experts, and technology advisors.

Course Coordinator Peer Mentors

Course Coordinator            Expertise                                                                               Email Contact

Cecilia Chu                            Landscape Architecture (Student Projects)                    clchu@hku.hk

Xiao Hu                                  Education (Digital Heritage)                                              xiaoxhu@hku.hk

Tanya Kempston                  Education (Drama, Online Tutorials)                                kempston@hku.hk

Henry Lau                              Industrial Engineering (VR/AR and Online Learning)    hyklau@hku.hk

Winnie Law                           Sustainability (Gamification)                                             wwylaw@hku.hk

Mathew Pryor                      Landscape Architecture (Socialization of Learning)      matthew.pryor@hku.hk       

Evan Pickett                          Science (Online Tutorials)                                                  epickett@hku.hk

Xiaoli Tian                              Sociology (Course Design)                                                xltian@hku.hk

Julian Tanner                        Medicine (Undergraduate Research)                                jatanner@hku.hk

Peter Cobb                            Digital Humanities (Archaeology, Education)                  pcobb@hku.hk

Christophe Coupé                Linguistics (Digital Humanitarianism)                              ccoupe@hku.hk

Online Course Design and Technology Advice for Teaching

LiaisonExpertiseEmail Contact
Wincy ChanCC and TELI Point Person for Digital Teaching & Tool Tipswincy@hku.hk
Ellen SetoCC and TELI Course and Learning Designsetoe1@hku.hk
Leon LeiTELI E-Learning Technologistculei@hku.hk
Carson HungTELI E-Learning Technologistcarsonks@hku.hk
Lily ZengTALIC Technology-enhanced learning, student feedbackzengll@hku.hk
Lillian LukTALIC Technology-enhanced learning, student feedbacklyyluk@hku.hk
Michelle RaquelCommunication-Intensive-Courses (teaching written, oral, visual, digital literacies, CIC badging)michelle.raquel@hku.hk
Louisa ChanCAES Speaking Studiolswchan@hku.hk
Sam ColeCAES Writing Centresamcole@hku.hk
Andy JarvisDigital Literacy Labajarvis@hku.hk


Pedagogical challenges

The colleagues at Teaching and Learning Innovation Centre (TALIC) are dedicated to improving the quality of the student learning experience through professional development, and the scholarship and research of teaching and learning. They are more than happy to help with any of your pedagogical concerns.