I am an international undergraduate student who is originally from South India, but has spent much of my life in Muscat, a city in the middle eastern country of Oman. Now, I have moved into my, figurative, third home – Hong Kong. This multicultural background is an important part of my identity and it has helped me understand different cultures and appreciate differences in opinion among people. I am passionate about encouraging debate and discussion, allowing the participants to find common ground and hence reduce the polarization that takes center-stage during any ideological, political or cultural or disagreement.

    Common cores helped me learn about a varied list of subjects that were very interesting, while also being different from the topics in my Major and minor. However, the best part was how these courses encouraged teamwork and communication among students. It is this spirit that transformed Common core from academic learning into a practical understanding of the effects these subjects have on others.

    As a Common Core Student Consultant, my primary goal is to uphold and further the spirit of discussion and exchange of ideas among students. This transference and scrutiny of viewpoints is essential for a better understanding of this heavily interconnected world.