Wong Bernie Ho-hungBBA(Law)&LLB, 2023

    Hello, I am Bernie Wong, a Year 3 BBA(Law)&LLB student majoring in Wealth Management and Professional Core in Law. Having had a positive experience in all CC courses I completed, I aim at offering my feedback to the CC Curriculum and improving its effectiveness in providing HKU students with quality whole-person education and development by serving as a Common Core Student Consultant.

    Aspiring to be a teacher or a lawyer when I was young, I have long realized the importance of communication and interaction. As the old saying goes, “he that has a tongue in his head may find his way anywhere”. I was born with my tongue in my mouth, but never had the gift of the gab to be a prominent luminary. Luckily, as I progressed with the CC Curriculum, I have successfully fabricated my tongue in head over the past years to facilitate my discharge of duty as a Common Core Student Consultant.

    Looking ahead, progressing to the next milestones of my career and education paths will be onerous without a shadow of a doubt. In a decade, I may be a triumphant entrepreneur presiding over a multi-national conglomerate, or a lionized jurist upholding justice valiantly. However I would become, I am confident that my tongue in head built by the CC Curriculum has the ability to assail all the possibilities lying ahead, and bring me wherever I wish to go, no matter what it takes.