Samantha NadiaBJ, 2020

    I am a 19 year old Journalism and Media Studies student born and raised in Indonesia. My favorite hobby would have to be dancing. I have been dancing since I was 5 years old and experiment in different genres such as hip hop, urban and contemporary styles. Additionally, I am a music enthusiast and I love listening to various different genres. I also enjoy reading fantasy and fiction novels. Moreover, I enjoy writing in my spare time. I enjoy travelling because I get to meet different people and learn about their cultures and tradition and most importantly, taste different food. I have also recently taught myself modern calligraphy. I enjoy taking pictures, experimenting with various editing and media applications such as Photoshop and watching television series. I am fluent in English and Bahasa Indonesia and I can speak conversational Mandarin. As a Common Core Student Ambassador, I hope to improve the system by providing a platform where we can advise and consult with students on the Common Core that they will be or are taking. One of the major problems with Common Cores is that most of the time students become confused with their choices and end up taking a course they don’t enjoy or are not interested in. As a Common Core Student Ambassador, I hope to be able to advise students on the Common Core they can take based on their interests.