O Yu (Raymond)MBBS, Year 6

    I am a dedicated and ambitious student aiming at becoming a future researcher in the field of genetics. Therefore, I have spared no efforts in devoting myself to different labs with a view to enriching my skills and knowledge. I have already participated in 4 different lab internships and am familiar with the environment of a lab, my research interests and career path. At the same time, I strive for excellence in academia, which has so far been a successful endeavor.

    As a chess player, I was the champion of some inter-school chess competitions and have represented the HKU chess team in international tournaments. While as a chess coach and the establisher of the College chess team, I have organized various inter-school events and am recognized as a responsible, helpful and committed person.

    I also consider myself as an adventurer as I seize every opportunity to widen my horizon, like participating in different academic conferences, joining exchange programs to other prestigious universities and involving in service trips. I am convinced that these experiences would be conducive to me, as a scientist and a global citizen.