Creative Fiction in the Age of Big Data

A small group of students was invited to participate in a collaborative research pilot project between HKU Common Core and CUHK Department of English conducted from Feb – Apr 2023. The project was facilitated by Dr Jack Tsao (HKU) and Dr Collier Nogues (CUHK). It aimed to explore the intersections between Big Data and Creative Arts, focusing on the augmentation of human creativity with machines. Students had the opportunity to experiment with Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) technology to co-create graphic short stories or poetry.

Through the project, students gained valuable skills in creative writing and the use of A.I. applications to generate content. They also had the opportunity to create a unique portfolio output that could enhance their resumes.

The research highlighted the potential of GenAI tools for creative writing and graphic storytelling. The findings show how students developed artificial intelligence literacies and demonstrated improvisational skills in interpreting, subverting, and transforming authorship concepts. Students embraced the technology as a creative catalyst, challenged creative conventions through unconventional communication strategies, and redefined creativity as a collaborative effort between humans and GenAI. The student-driven approach facilitated autonomous exploration, sense-making, and critical thinking with GenAI, promoting intellectual equality and emancipation. 

If you have any questions, please get in touch with the project coordinator Dr Jack Tsao (

Deadline: 13 Feb 2023

Research Outputs & Publications

Tsao, J., & Nogues, C. (2024). Beyond the author: Artificial intelligence, creative writing and intellectual emancipation. Poetics102, 101865.

威脅文字工作者生計? (A.I.: Threatening the livelihood of writers?) 香港商報Hong Kong Commercial Daily. 10 Nov 2023


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