Digital Voices of Hong kong & Myanmar Students

The Common Core project embarked on a research study trip to Mae Sot, Thailand, situated on the Thai-Myanmar border, from 5 to 12 March 2023. This study was geared towards exploring the experiences of Myanmar refugee youths grappling with obtaining educational opportunities in various learning centres, alongside their educational pathways and future aspirations.

The project was segmented into three phases:

Pre-trip Preparation: Students attended a briefing session on 15 February and prepared for the trip by conducting research into the educational context in the region and engaging in interviews to comprehend the local situation.

On-site Activities (5 – 12 March): The students attended a local orientation session, tours, and workshops focused on intercultural communication and digital literacy. They worked in tandem with NGOs and the affected Myanmar youth to co-produce podcast episodes aimed at fostering quality education by highlighting digital platforms for communication, best practices for pedagogy, and persisting challenges in the educational and broader context.

Post-trip Reflections: Upon return, students participated in reflection and dissemination activities.

This opportunity was extended to all non-exchange HKU undergraduate students and upon completion, they became eligible for a certificate and the option to claim two non-graduating academic credits.

Supported by the Gallant Ho Experiential Learning Fund and the UGC Teaching Development and Language Enhancement Grant.

For further information, please contact the project coordinator Dr Jack Tsao at the Common Core.

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