Peacebuilding Intensive

Bangkok, Thailand
June 28 to July 8, 2023

In an intensive two-week Common Core research project, passionate HKU undergraduate students collaborated with 35 Peace Fellows at the Rotary Peace Centre in Chulalongkorn University (CU), Thailand. The students traveled to Bangkok to work on advocacy of real-world peacebuilding and social impact projects in Syria, Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Somalia, the United States, Mexico, Germany, Pakistan, and India.

The project involved an array of activities, including workshops, participation in the Innovative Peace Conference, and direct collaboration with Peace Fellows on research and advocacy activities. One of the notable outcomes of this collaboration was the production of a podcast series for the Rotary Peace Centre, which was broadcast internationally.

Collaborating Partners

About The Rotary Peace Centre in Chulalongkorn University

The Rotary Peace Center at Chulalongkorn University is a collaborative effort of the Rotary Foundation and Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok Thailand. The spike in conflicts around the world has underscored the need for professionals skilled in creating peace. Rotary created the Rotary Peace Centers in 2002 to identify and train highly qualified professionals to become agents of peace. Seven Rotary Peace Centers at eight prestigious universities throughout the world offer Rotary Peace Fellows a rigorous program of study and applied field experience in areas relating to peace and conflict resolution. The Rotary Peace Centers draw from Rotary’s long, unwavering commitment to peace, seen in projects that address the root causes of conflict. Since the program began in 2002, the Rotary Peace Centers have trained more than 1,500 fellows who now work in over 115 countries.

About Salween Learning Journeys

Based in Thailand, Salween Learning Journeys facilitates immersive educational experiences that empower communities and catalyse positive change in Southeast Asia. Salween partners with grassroots organisations and local NGOs to co-create journeys where participants engage in experiential learning, collaborative storytelling, and community-based projects. Using digital media and participatory methods, Salween shares knowledge, builds empathy, amplifies unheard voices, and promotes human dignity. Their programmes foster meaningful exchange across borders, disrupt stereotypes, and build new relationships based on solidarity and shared purpose. Through journeys in communities, Salween envisions a world where transformative education and human connection enable people to work together for justice, sustainability, and empowerment.

Salween will mentor the students and Peace Fellows in the podcasting and storytelling methodology.

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