Transdisciplinary Research Fellowship

Critical Zones, Sustainability, and Water

We invite undergraduate students to this 2-week intensive fellowship on transdisciplinary research around Critical Zones*, sustainability, and water in Hong Kong. 

Student fellows will learn:

  • Transdisciplinary research fundamentals– theories, methodologies, rationales, and impact.
  • Practices, interventions, & cultural assumptions around water and Hong Kong.
  • Creative and critical reading, viewing, sharing, and writing.

Through interactive activities, fieldwork, and mentorship, the fellowship will broaden students’ research imaginations, creativity, and flexibility, all essential for nurturing the next wave of thought leaders. The programme will involve visiting different sites around Hong Kong.

It is mandatory for students to be present all day (10 am – 4 pm) on 11 – 14 June and 17 – 21 June.

By the end of 2 weeks, all fellows are expected produce final drafts for journal publications and conference presentations. This free programme is ideal for students aspiring to pursue postgraduate research or consultancy and research-related careers. No prior training is required but students must possess strong writing skills.

We welcome undergraduate students from mainland and international universities to attend. Places are limited.

HKU (non-exchange) undergraduates will be entitled to a stipend of up to HK$3,000 after completing the programme and all assigned activities and will be eligible to claim two (2) non-graduating out-of-classroom academic credits (transcriptable).

 * Bruno Latour’s concept of “Critical Zones” serves as an essential conceptual framework that emphasises the fragility of planetary life and the complex entanglements of human and non-human actors. This conceptual tool is particularly valuable in transdisciplinary research, as it necessitates collaboration across diverse fields including science, humanities, arts, policymaking. Such an approach recognises the value of multiple perspectives, ensuring a holistic and effective response to the sustainability crises facing the planet.

Dates and Location:

11 June – 21 June 2024
The University of Hong Kong, with fieldwork in sites around Hong Kong


Prof. Gray Kochhar-Lindgren
Honourary Professor of Humanities, The University of Hong Kong

Dr. Jack Tsao
Associate Director of the Common Core, The University of Hong Kong