The More Than Human City 2019

Final Presentations of the University of Hong Kong–Utrecht University Transdisciplinary Undergraduate Research Exchange 2019

Two groups of ten students, from different sides of the world, different environments, different cultures and different universities have worked together for the past several months on imagining the city otherwise. Utrecht students visited their Hong Kong counterparts in April and the Hong Kong students have now arrived on this side of the world. Their four portraits will shed light on Hong Kong and Utrecht, and, with the help of theorists like Latour, de Certeau and Haraway, they have something to propose to us: that there are many unknown cities within our cities, streets beneath the streets. Cities that have something important to say to us and to ask of us, especially in our times of crises (ecological, capitalist). These four collaborative portraits give us openings to another way of thinking the city, ways to begin to think the urgencies of the day with different senses, different sensibilities, and different imaginations.

Supervision: Prof. Gray Kochhar-Lindgren (HKU) & Dr. Rick Dolphijn (UU)

Group 1
Jeroen Spieker (UU)
Julian Pallinger (HKU)
Wesley She (HKU)
Sophie van der Leij (UU)
Zhang Zheng (HKU)

Group 2
Aisha Wahab (HKU)
Ka Ming Sze (HKU)
Muriel Motaleb (UU)
Myrthe Hemker (UU)
Wietske Wijnja (UU)

Group 3
No Strings Attached
Marjolein Marzacu (UU)
Mel, Xing Ju (HKU)
Phoenix Chiu (HKU)
Simon Remijn (UU)
Utso Roy (HKU)

Group 4
An Everchanging Riddle
Anouk Jorna (UU)
Daniel van Wyngaarden (UU)
Katie, Chow Tsz Yan (HKU)
Richita Kudlamath (HKU)
Sofie van Dorst (UU)