Global Liberal Arts Design Experiments

“The laboratory is now wide open for new discoveries.”

~Bruno Latour, An Inquiry into the Modes of Existence



What is GLADE?

GLADE (Global Liberal Arts Design Experiments) was founded by HKU Common Core in 2018 in order to create ideas, support, and development opportunities for interdisciplinary and interactively taught undergraduate programmes in Research-Intensive Universities around the world.  Given all the unprecedented pressures for rapid change that we all are now facing and the need to seek novel solutions to “wicked” problems, GLADE utilises the affiliation of modest projects between programmes in Research-Intensive-Universities to cross disciplines, faculties, questions, methodologies, sectors, and sites.

Often, but not always, these programmes carry “General Education” as a title, but they are always trans- or inter-disciplinary, use active teaching methods, and aim toward holistic experience as they enrich the learning ecology within comprehensive research institutions, catalyzing new “modes of existence” that open toward more livable futures.


GLADE List – a list of our partners across the world


GLADE Symposium 2019 Participants

GLADE Zoom Days 2020 Participants

GLADE Zoom Days 2020 Suggestions for Next Steps


Past Events and Symposiums:

The GLADE Symposium 2019: Interdisciplinary & Holistic Learning in Research-Intensive Universities (with partners from Australia, Europe, Hong Kong, Singapore, Mainland China, the UK, and the US)

  • Global Civic University
  • Women + Innovation
  • The City as a Learning Site
  • Undergraduate Research: Virtually and Face-to-Face
  • Trans- and Inter-disciplinary Curricula, Courses, and Degrees
  • Virtual Class Exchanges
  • Learning in the Anthropocene
  • Global Experiential Learning
  • Embedding the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

GLADE ZOOM DAYS 2020: with Sabine Rolle (University of Edinburgh), Michael Burke (Utrecht University), Diana Spencer (University of Birmingham), and Tanja Golja (University of Technology Sydney)

  • Sharing Undergraduate Transdisciplinary Curriculum & Projects
  • Digital Transmutations: Interactive & Interdisciplinary Online Teaching