Non-Permissible Combinations

Courses in which there is considerable overlap of issues covered will be listed as non-permissible combinations, and you will only be permitted to take one course in those combinations. Please check the non-permissible combinations before you choose your courses.

Combination Course Code Course Title
A CCST9006 Chasing Biomedical Miracles: Promises and Perils
CCST9011 Biotechnology − Science and Impacts
B CCST9003 Everyday Computing and the Internet
CCST9004 Appropriate Technology for the Developing World
CCST9015 Electronic Technologies in Everyday Life
C CCST9013 Our Living Environment
CCST9016 Energy: Its Evolution and Environmental Impacts
D CCST5002 / CCST9002 Quantitative Literacy in Science, Technology and Society
CCST9039 Statistics and Our Society
E CCST9017 Hidden Order in Daily Life: A Mathematical Perspective
CCST5037 / CCST9037 Mathematics: A Cultural Heritage
F CCST9010 The Science of Crime Investigation
CCST9030 Forensic Science: Unmasking Evidence, Mysteries and Crimes
G CCST9028 Science and Technology: Facts and Fallacies
CCST9035 Making Sense of Science-related Social Issues
H CCST9028 Science and Technology: Facts and Fallacies
CCST9038 Science and Science Fiction
I CCST9047 The Age of Big Data
CCST9066 Big Data Solutions to Social Problems: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly
J CCHU9007 Sexuality and Gender: Diversity and Society
CCHU9015 Sex and Intimacy in Modern Times
CCHU9039 Sexuality and Culture
K CCGL9004 Governance and Democracy in the Age of Globalization
CCGL9006 Asian Regional Governance in an Age of Globalization
CCGL9035 Challenges of Global Governance: Past and Present
L CCGL9019 Economic Globalization: Issues and Challenges
CCGL5022 / CCGL9022 Globalization in Question: Human and Economic Consequences
M CCGL9017 Food: Technology, Trade and Culture
CCGL9041 You, Food and the City: Local and Global Food Networks
N CCGL5005 / CCGL9005 Poverty, Development, and the Next Generation: Challenges for a Global World
CCGL9025 The Political Economy of Growth and Poverty in the World
O CCGL9002 Hong Kong Culture in the Context of Globalization
CCGL9026 Think Global, Act Local: You, Hong Kong, and the World
P CCCH9025 Humanity and Nature in Chinese Thought
CCCH9038 Chinese Social Values: Authority and Anarchy
Q CCCH9030 Modernizing China’s Constitution: Failures and Hope
CCCH9041 The Rule of Law in Modern China
R CCHU9014 Spirituality, Religion and Social Change
CCHU9086 Understanding Religious Worlds