Chan Hei Ching ChloeBA(UrbanStud), 2017

    I am a student majoring in Urban Studies in the Faculty of Architecture. I have always believed that university life is all about broadening one’s horizons and developing one’s multiple interests. Therefore, I would like to help to enhance the Common Core courses so that they can further perform their initial aims.

    As a year four student, it is such a pity that I no longer have a chance to engage myself in the manifold Common Core courses, but I am still very passionate in knowing more about the system, and, of course, improving it.

    I studied in London as an exchange student of UCL and I have also gone to the University of California Berkeley. By engaging myself in these overseas learning experiences, I have discovered the uniqueness of the Common Core system in HKU as students in other universities, especially in the UK, seldom got a chance to participate in multi-disciplinary learning. As a result, I would like to help contribute to this useful and fruitful program.