Chan Sze Lam (Hazel)BEcon&Fin, 2019

    I was a student majoring in Economics and Finance, minoring in Politics and Public Administration. I am an outgoing girl who loves to accept new challenges. With high involvement in student activities, I have developed critical thinking and leadership skills. I was the External Vice Chairperson and Financial Secretary of Suen Chi Sun Hall Students’ Association, as well as the Councillor of the Hong Kong University Students’ Union Council and the Union Finance Committee. I chaired the sub committees of current affairs, social services and orientation series and monitored the finance of our association and the Union. The experience of interacting with different parties allows me to see things in different angles and learned how to hold and lead a meeting, which makes me a good team player as well as a responsible team leader. I am also keen on social services and issues regarding teenage development. I am currently volunteering in a local group called “OnFire” which provides volunteer tutoring services to primary school students from grass-roots families. I believed that everyone could bring a change to the society if they want to. And common core courses give us the opportunity to know more about the world from different aspects so that we could bring the good thoughts into action.