Chan Wing Sze VincciBEcon&Fin, 2021

    Hi there! My name is Vincci (she/her), and I am a penultimate year student majoring in Economics and Finance, and minoring in Politics and Public Administration (PPA). I am an outgoing individual who is always on the quest of accepting new challenges and continual improvement. I was the Chairman of Economics and Finance Society BEA HKUSU, as well as the Learning Unit Manager (Global Economy) of ShARE Global Leadership Programme of Excellence, HKU Chapter. With active engagement in student activities, I have continuously developed critical thinking and leadership skills.

    I am passionate about and driven to engage in both business and social innovation. Currently, I am volunteering in Good Goes Viral as their Innovation Consultant, a civic organization and innovative platform to gather insights and share initiatives that help mitigate the negative impacts of COVID-19. Utilizing my knowledge of business and policy analysis, I collaborated with a broad range of organizations, companies and public authorities to publish insights on topics including mental health and sustainability that help the global community in these turbulent times.

    I am also a travel enthusiast and guitarist in an all-girl band named “The Faulty Royals”. We believe that individuals like us should embrace ourselves being perfectly imperfect and be open-minded and adaptive to changes around us. You might have seen us performing at events including high table dinners and balls held by student organizations and corporates.

    Despite being a business student, I do not limit my opportunities and have learnt and grown in other aspects of my life. The common core curriculum gives us the opportunity to better understand issues affecting the world at both a societal and global scale so that we could do well and do good. As a Common Core Student Consultant, I aspire to contribute to this fruitful multi-disciplinary program by generating ideas in shaping students to be a global thinker.