Chan Yin Ah (Yvonne)BBA, Year 4

    Hello everyone! I am Yvonne, a year 1 BBA student. I love exploring and always strive to pursue a wide range of interests. Even though I am a business student, I have joined various activities and competitions that are non-business related, for instance, mock trial competitions and UNICEF HK. Through those unique experiences, I have gained a  more comprehensive perspective of the world today and have a better and deeper understanding of myself.

    Therefore, it is important to learn beyond our major(s) and step out of our comfort zone. Studying CC courses from different fields is a good start! Yet, as a year 1 student, I understand that CC courses selection isn’t an easy task- and that’s why I would like to become a common-core student consultant: I hope to share and exchange my opinions on CC courses that can broaden the horizon of every HKU student, and hope everyone can enjoy the fun of CC courses!

    I am looking forward to meeting you and have a discussion on the CC course selections!