Chuck Suet Ying (Alice)BA, Year 5

    A pleasure to meet you all folks! My name is Alice and I am an Arts student interested in English Studies and History. Originally, I thought CC are troublesome and stands in my way of fulfilling major credits, but I am (quite) wrong. Common Core offers us fresh perspectives, pathways to explore uncharted territory, experiment ideas and generally have fun. I got to do experiments on water salinity despite not setting foot in a lab for 3 years, listen to compelling narratives of battles and killings from a seasoned war-journalist, and interview with ethnic minorities from China, the Tibetans on their views of EM policies and cultural assimilation. My friends get to write plays and try out filmmaking for the first time. If you choose a CC course you are really interested in, pour your efforts to learn and try, the rewards are multifold. Sometimes, it’s okay to drop the label of “leng” or “larn” grade and listen to your heart ^^

    As a consultant, I am very delighted and honored to put more suggestions and convey your opinions to the Common Core Office! If you have any questions or ideas, please feel free to find me anytime~ I will try my best to help!