Hu Sin Ling (Tiffany)BBiomedSc, Year 4

    Greetings! I am Tiffany Hu from biomedical sciences programme under LKS faculty of medicine. One thing that I like about university is the freedom and pathways for me and other students to pursue our dreams and to know more about other people. Common core is a good representation of different explorations that student can experience in university and to know more people that may have the interests as we do.

    As a freshman of 2020, I am not really familiar with the course selection system, and this resulted in some problems of my course arrangement in year 1 especially the common cores. In this experience of being a student counselor, I hope to bring some support to other students who may have questions and concerns about common core at HKU and to bring a closer connection between students and the school closer.  Hope I can be a good listener and help you a little bit with common core, let’s work together!