Oshi GargBEng(CompSc), Year 5

    Greetings ladies and gentlemen!

    I’m Oshi, an engineering sophomore majoring in Computer Science at HongKongU! I’m very invested in technology and in channelising its limitless potential to bring about wonderful implications in the society.  Having said that, I’m also a keen interest-taker in literature, psychology, global issues, health and fitness, and contemporary humanities’ topics! As such, I was beyond thrilled to discover the caveat of Common Cores at HKU, and the richly diverse topics they catered to. I’ll be done with my Common Core requirements this semester, and I need to say this out aloud– They have been one of my best learning and explorative experiences  at the uni. They allowed me to foray into realms I never would have otherwise, deliberate and critique on readings I hardly knew about, and think of innovations and do things I never knew I had the potential of. Since CCs span across all disciplines beyond your curriculum and major, the potential to give and take, learn and teach is so much. Since most of them have a group grade component, they allow you to develop team-spirit, learn management and cooperation!

    As a Common Core consultant, I hope to bring in exciting suggestions to the table, and enlist feedbacks from a students’ perspective. I hope to add to this already wonderful structure in meaningful ways, and make the Common Core experience an enriching ride for the current and incoming students!