Sheela Ganesh BelayaBA&BEd(LangEd)-Eng, 2020

    I’m studying Arts and Education in English Language. I am Indian-Filipino but was born and raised here in Hong Kong. I feel excited to have embarked on a great journey that university life has to offer me and to broaden my horizons in terms of meeting new people and exposure to unlimited opportunities. What better way is there to do these things than to be a Student Ambassador for the Common Core? During my first year, I joined the German Club, Shax Theatre Group and World University Service. In relation to Shax Theatre Group, this year’s production includes me as a stage manager, and so, of course, this presents itself as yet another experience I look forward to. I’d like to believe that I am outgoing, pragmatic and motivated person, all of which are important qualities that a person should possess especially in this respect. One of the things that I genuinely look forward to Common Core classes are because they really offer us a deeper and more specialised look into a topic under the bigger, more general categories. In my opinion, Common Core courses make study and inquiry into your areas of interest more “legit” as the lectures, field trips, assignments and project work really engages you in the learning process. I definitely will fulfil my role as a Student Ambassador and that would entail being the middleman or the “glue” between the students and academic staff while collecting feedback and suggestions to collaboratively and actively improve the Common Core system.