Goh Xue Neng EtreyBEcon&Fin, 2018

    I live by the saying “aspire to inspire before you expire.” To inspire is to make a positive difference and impact in people’s live. As a project lead consultant in HKU Student Consulting Group I am able to deal with real-time challenge of NGOs and startups in the community and make a difference. This has sharpened my thinking process and leadership skills. I have great motivation to enhance my personal development every day in furtherance of making this difference. Thus, it becomes a habit to me to live everyday with utmost enthusiasm and openness for learning and exploration.

    I hope to be a successful business leader so that I can make a more significant difference in the world. Solving problems through venture is the key to be a great business leader. To be successful is to continue in pursuit of better change even after providing solutions to the problem. I was highly inspired by successful business leaders such as Larry Page and Jeff Bezos. It is great to be inspired, but able to inspire is incredible. I hope to bring all of these attributes and aspirations to the Common Core.