Faizi Saad AliBEng(CivE), 2018

    I would describe myself as an avid learner, who tries to utilize any opportunity of learning to its fullest. I believe an individual can make use of every single moment to widen his/her breadth of knowledge, be it either learning more about society, people, environment or even one’s own self. Curiosity keeps me on my toes all day long and I enjoy trying new things as I go along with life. I am also a firm believer of being proactive in life. As much as I cannot deny the fact that I, too, fall prey to the vicious act of procrastination, I try to engage myself in activities that are meaningful for my development. Coming from a middle class background, I was never simply just served opportunities, but had to strive, in order to achieve, with the help of a keen mind and dedicated resolve. I am very grateful for my background since it rightfully taught me the vital skills of survival in this world, that is to be realistic, independent, yet determined throughout life. Likewise, I love to be an active and vocal member of society, and thus actively participate in public speaking events to voice my opinions. I believe that one has to really acknowledge the true value of an eager mind and a devoted heart, in order to not only adapt but also thrive in any phase of life. I look forward to contributing to the Common Core along all of these lines.