Tsang Shun Kit (Mpemba)BEcon, 2021

    Hola! Glad to meet you here. My name is Mpemba a year 4 student studying just econometrics who would like to be a teacher in future. As a teaching assistant and full-time tutor for three years, I always love teaching my students with global and local examples to motivate them interactively. I believe as saying in Proverbs: If a child is trained up in the right way, even when he is old he will not be turned away from it. I hate the way traditionally rememorizing all details so as to get a good score. Yes, you might have deep knowledge in certain fields, but have you ever applied them into your daily life?

    As one of the tenth inspiring youth 2018 at the Global Initiative Symposium in the National Taiwan University, I had spoken to the global delegates that prepare the future self today so as to secure your jobs in future. I have returned from Buenos Aires, Argentina as a Hong Kong national delegate to prove youth’s infinite possibility. Human-being never knows what is important until they have exposed to things. Therefore, explore more despite the day or night, hell or heaven, is the key.