Wan Chun Tao MarcusBBiomedSc, Year 3

    Hi everyone! I’m Marcus and I’m majoring in Biomedical Sciences under the Faculty of Medicine. I am passionate in the realm of biomedical research and its clinical applications, hence I am eager to pursue a career in these related fields in the future. I enjoy travelling as a globe trotter to explore the diverse cultures and mingle with various people around the world. I also play percussion and badminton during my downtime.

    Each Common Core course offers deep profundity in each of their respective area of study. They aim to provide a taste of other learning experiences, hence allowing for the multi-faceted development of a more well-rounded individual. Nonetheless, the course selection system and the workload involved may seem overwhelming for freshmen in particular. As a Common Core Student Consultant, I hope to dispel some of the worries regarding the selection of these courses and offer support so that they can better integrate into the university campus life, eventually shaping a journey that is both academically stimulating and holistically satisfying.