Kwok Hui Man NatalieBJ, 2023

    I went through the dilemma of picking a “leng” grade common core and one that I am genuinely interested in so you don’t have to! Jokes aside, I have walked the path less traveled: picking a less popular Common Core on my own without any friends accompanying me. And with this experience, I want to share with you the secret recipe to picking the right CC for yourself.

    As a Journalism student, I am always encouraged to learn beyond what is taught in my home faculty to enrich the content I craft, and I am proud to say that the common core syllabus definitely helped me in doing so! Let’s talk if you need a second advice on picking the right common core that fits your learning needs. I am confident that with the foundation of a genuine interests towards that subject, academic and intellectual rewards will come naturally with the nurture and guidance of our passionate professors and tutors.