Wong Tak WunBSc(Surv), Year 4

    Hey there! I’m thrilled to introduce myself as a Common Core Student Consultant at our school. My name is Sammy, and I come from the Faculty of Architecture, but I’m also pursuing a minor in Psychology. It’s an interesting combination, right?

    During my time here, I had the opportunity to take a Common Core course that focused on the fascinating topic of left and right brain functions. This course ignited my curiosity about human thinking and behavior. It made me ponder questions like, “Where do emotions come from?” and “How can we effectively communicate with individuals facing mental health challenges?” Exploring these concepts opened up a whole new world for me and became one of the key reasons why I chose to venture into a completely different field of study.

    I strongly believe that every student should approach the Common Core with their unique interests in mind. It’s not about chasing after courses solely based on which coordinator might give more ‘A-range’ grades. Instead, it’s about embracing the opportunity to explore diverse subjects that resonate with you personally. The Common Core provides a platform for students to broaden their horizons, challenge their preconceptions, and develop a well-rounded perspective on the world.

    As a Common Core Student Consultant, I’m eager to enhance the overall experience for everyone involved. I’m passionate about suggesting new ideas to improve the Core curriculum and finding innovative ways to engage students. It’s not only about educating ourselves but also about how we can effectively represent the Core to various stakeholders, such as visiting delegations, the Student-Staff Consultative Committee, the Areas of Inquiry, and, most importantly, our fellow students.

    I firmly believe that by fostering a supportive, inclusive, and intellectually stimulating environment, we can collectively maximize the benefits of the Common Core. It’s about encouraging dialogue, embracing different perspectives, and nurturing a passion for lifelong learning.

    I’m excited to embark on this journey together and work towards making the Common Core an enriching and transformative experience for everyone. Let’s explore, learn, and grow together!