Wong Tak WunBSc(Surv), Year 3

    No matter it is war and peace, wealth distribution inequality, ecological imbalance, environmental pollution, human rights, or resource shortages, I am always fascinated by global issues since the only way to solve those problems requires international cooperation and the efforts of all mankind across countries.

    To start with, I have many interests and am prepared to share with people what I know. This explains why I was invited to be a student host by my school (Centre of Development and Resources for Students). I enjoy the process of planning, guiding, and managing a group event to ensure that the objectives are met effectively, with clear thinking. Regardless of my academic background is, it does not limit my curiosity to learn more. Instead, it fuels me to explore what I am passionate about.

    Second, I see myself as a global citizen. I know what is happening in the world, both locally and globally. I genuinely enjoy reading the news, and will not hesitate to stand for my point of view. Meanwhile, I have a deep appreciation of diversities in thoughts and cultures. During my time to be a student ambassador at HKU Equal Opportunity Unit, I initiate programs/projects related to equal opportunity; and organize campaigns and activities to promote awareness about inclusion and diversity. By putting a personal face and expressing my view on inequality issues, it not only delegates to develop a more sophisticated understanding of the international community, but also based on its cooperative and dynamic global setting, aiming at building relationships between the future leaders.

    Third, I enjoy collaborating and having fun with a team. Last winter, I was fortunate to work at Colliers (Valuation & Advisory Services) for 3 months where I prepared valuation reports, analysed internal databases through a presentation, and conducted site visits. The progress of building coherent bonds with my dearest colleagues, encouraging them to work more productively while calibrating deadlines taught me how to work in a big team with multiple departments.

    Finally, I have also developed strong interpersonal skills during some regular voluntary work which is recognized by the Social Welfare Department while spending my leisure time in a great way. As a mentor in Teaching and Learning Enhancement and Research Group (TLERG), Faculty of Education, where I paired up with local primary school students from less advantaged backgrounds and worked together with them on English language learning materials, as well as fun, creative activities over a series of sessions. Knowing it takes a village to organize a successful event, I see how I and everyone can uniquely contribute to its success. I enjoy being around my teammate, working and growing with them.

    With my interest in real estate and the qualities I acquired from my experience, I am certain that I would succeed as a CC Student Consultants. Thank you for your time and kind consideration.