Yashwita ShuklaBEcon&Fin, Year 4

    Hello Everyone!!

    I’m Yashwita Shukla, second year undergraduate student pursuing a Bachelor in Economics and Finance and a minor in Mathematics. I’m fervent about researching in Economics and fintech trends changing the industry make me intrigued. I’m a potterhead and discussing Harry Potter Fandoms is my favourite past time.

    I believe that Common Core courses not only give us an opportunity to learn and explore but also make it easier for us to interact with a larger group of people from different backgrounds, discussing and promoting different ideologies. I happen to make a local best friend from a common core course in my freshmen year. The thing I like the most about common core courses are the group projects as they offer us an opportunity to exchange ideas, work and collaborate together to make it a success. My past common core courses have accelerated my thought process and my group communication skills.

    As a common core student consultant, I wish to help freshmen students decide their common core by sharing my experience and giving them feedback. Looking forward on working with other CCSC’s