HKU Coding Camp

Coding Camp Poster 20151020-01

In partnership with the Common Core@HKU, Koding Kingdom – one of the largest and most seasoned kids coding academies in Hong Kong – will host a series of training programs tailored for HKU students, who may or may not possess coding knowledge but are keen on exploring how it may be taught as a professional career.

Our team will be providing professional advice and guidance in coding education for those who are selected. Components include review of main concepts and key learning objectives, teaching reminders and required skillsets, obstacles to learning faced by students, and finally, insights to how a kids’ coding curriculum should be formulated.

These HKU participants will be exposed to coding education and then serve as mentors and teachers for other university students. Each student will specialize in one track.

Upon the completion of each workshop, students will be assigned a special task requiring them to (i) test their ability in designing a set of teaching notes, and (ii) proposing a new exemplar class. Doing so will earn these students a certificate of completion.

Track Session # 1 Session # 2
Python 4/11/15 (Wed: 2pm-3.30pm ) 11/11/15 (Wed: 2pm-3.30pm )
Cyberissues in Everyday life 11/11/15 (Wed: 2pm-3.30pm ) 17/11/15 (Tues: 2pm-3.30pm )
Minecraft 17/11/15 (Tues: 2pm-3.30pm ) 24/11/15 (Tues: 2pm-3.30pm )
Web Programming (HTML+CSS) 19/11/15 (Thurs: 2pm-3.30pm) 26/11/15 (Thus: 2pm-3.30pm)

For registration and enquiries, please contact Tel: +852 3706 8918 & +852 3706 8916.