The Voice of An Equal Future: Podcasting for Gender Equality

This undergraduate student research project was a collaboration between HKU Common Core, the Digital Literacy Lab at the Centre for Applied English Studies (CAES), and HKUST Centre for Language Education, exploring gender equality through the podcasting medium. Students learned to use their voice, different podcast formats, and the process of transforming ideas to professional podcast episodes under the title Hanging in the Imbalance.

The project involved 5 workshop sessions and preparing and recording the podcast episodes from late May 2022 to mid-August 2022. Workshop content included:

  • Identifying and appealing to your target audience, planning your podcast content, understanding different podcast formats, naming your podcast, and creating a visual identity.
  • Crafting a spoken text by using your voice, getting the most out of your podcast guest, and crafting an episode arc.
  • The technological know-how, from setting up the equipment to using a microphone correctly to processing your podcast.
  • Publishing your podcast, including creating an RSS feed and registering this with podcasting aggregators, and publicizing your podcast.

The project was coordinated by Dr Jack Tsao ( of the Common Core and Mr Patrick Desloge ( at the Digital Literacy Lab at the Centre for Applied English Studies (CAES).

This series of student-created podcasts was a collaborative project between HKU Common Core, CAES and The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) Centre for Language Education. Exploring gender equality through the podcasting medium, it features conversations around gender reassignment and dysphoria, intergenerational issues around women and work, depictions of women in movies and gaming, and women in STEM.

Check out the podcasts on the following platforms: