Chan Tsz Yung FrederickBSocSc, Year 2

    I am Chan Tsz Yung Frederick, a current Year 2 student studying Politics and Public Administration, Sociology and Social Psychology. I am delighted to be studying in the fields that I genuinely enjoy, and wish to shape a career in the future utilising the knowledge and skills that I will acquire over the years. My hobbies include philately, numismatics, music, as well as reading about history and politics.

    As a cordial, courageous and empathetic person, I love meeting new people and learning about other cultures. Whenever I go to a foreign place, visiting their museums is always a priority as understanding their history allows me to see their fascinating progress towards where they are now. I also highly value my cultural intelligence, which allows me to flourish and work with people from different backgrounds and cultures. My empathetic nature pushes me to help those in need through working and volunteering at various NGOs, as I see the need to lend a hand to the needy.

    I would like to become a Common Core Student Consultant as I believe that it is a means to give back to the education system and HKU at this point in life. I love the courses and opportunities that the Common Core provides as they always relate to the SDGs and sustainability in many ways. Common Core gives HKU students guidance on how to be sustainable in many aspects – from social to environmental, our society can only be sustainable when we account for all aspects and work together. I believe this would not only be a good way to foster my personal growth through meeting others and supporting the Common Core, but also an opportunity for me to contribute in a meaningful manner.