Chen Fei Peng KevinBA, Year 2

    Hey there! I am Kevin, a second-year BA student double majoring in general linguistics and psychology with a minor in education. Something you might want to know about me is that I have lived in the Philippines for almost all of my life, but I was actually born in Hong Kong. So with my background, I have always desired to develop a global outlook by pursuing my university studies in an international environment.

    As a third-culture kid, I have been exposed to various cultures that have led me to pick up many languages, and I also have a passion for traveling around the world because I would like to discover the beauty in the cultures of others and the relationships of people in this society. Throughout my life, I have triumphed through many trials with flying colors, which further proved my determination for excellence. Growing up, I have always found myself inclined to think outside the box, and I have learned that my versatility is not only limited to my ethnicity and background but also to my ability to engage with people from all walks of life.

    As a Common Core Student Consultant, I truly value how the Common Core Curriculum allows students to discuss the concepts of diversity, equity, and inclusivity within the Areas of Inquiry in a very open-minded community. The Common Core is important as all undergraduate students of the university are to undertake this in their college journey, so I feel responsible to provide feedback about how to improve the experience of the Common Core and suggest new ideas for all. I hope that you will enjoy the Common Core and have a fruitful academic year ahead.